December 14, 2009

Faerie Wisdom Book and Card Set

The Faerie Wisdom Book and Card Set by Gillian Kemp is as it says, “A Faerie-sent Book of Wisdom.”

The set contains 52 magical message cards with a book which explains about faeries, shows how to lay the cards and give a reading and then how to interpret the cards.

“Faeries teach the principles of right and good conduct and help humans to make the best decision at moments of change, in just the same way that faeries themselves choose to be in the human world. Faeries are both revered and feared, but only the pure of heart can see them. All peoples throughout the world, from Europe to Australia have believed in the legend of these supernatural creatures.”

The cards each contain a faerie message from all aspects of faerie lore “from the troll who lives under the earth to the healing roots of the trees to the mischief-making imps and pixies.” The cards are beautifully illustrated and when used properly can help you make decisions or answer questions you have about your life. Even though it is for “entertainment purposes only” it really is fun and helpful to use. I used the cards to ask some personal questions in my life. I did get some very relevant answers and hopefully the outcomes do indeed come true.

The author of this set, Gillian Kemp is an internationally acclaimed author of magic books and is also a clairvoyant and medium. She uses astrology, tarot cards, a crystal ball, and tea leaves. She really knows what she is talking about and this set is an amazing source to faerie land.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading the Faerie Wisdom Book and Card Set. The book was especially informative of faeries and was a fantastic resource for using the card set. It also had many different layouts of cards that I’ve never seen before, so I loved that! The card set was so beautifully illustrated that I had fun even just looking through all of the pictures of the faeries.

* Thank you to CICO Books and Ryland Peters & Small for providing me a copy to review.


Lee said...

I've always wondered if the correct spelling was "fairy" or "faerie".
Is it bad that my OCD totally made me sit here thinking about that?

Sheri said...

Both are "correct" actually. Fairy is just a more American version of the English version of Faerie.