January 26, 2010

Celtic Messages Book and Card Set

The Celtic Messages Book and Card Set by Joules Taylor is a beautiful set that “reveals the symbols of the Celts and shows how to harness their wisdom in your everyday life.”

The set contains 52 cards for affirmation and divination with a book which explains about the Celtics, how to lay the cards and give a reading and then how to interpret the cards.

“Illustrated with the ancient and magical symbols of Celtic lore, the cards fall into four suits: The Helpers are deities and mythological heroes; Totems are animal guides; the Places cards reveal the sacred landscapes of heart and soul; and Tools show the talismans of Celtic ritual and festival. The book presents ten ways to lay out the cards to reveal your past and present, and foretell the future.”

The cards are brilliantly illustrated and when used properly can help you make decisions or answer questions you have about your life. Even though it is for “entertainment purposes only” it really is fun and helpful to use.

I used the cards to ask about my day, career path and life in general. I got very relevant cards about it. Not really something to share (readings are private), but hopefully it does come true and lead me on the right path.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading the Celtic Messages book and card set. The book explained so much about the Celts that I never knew and was an incredible resource for using the card set.

* Thank you to CICO Books and Ryland Peters & Small for providing me a copy to review.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I love cards! Its so cool to see what the outcome will be. =)

Melanie's Randomness said...

I love Celtic symbols. They are soo pretty!!!

Wendyburd1 said...

I love everything Celtic, tell us some of what you learned!!