January 15, 2010

Healthcare – Seriously?

I made an appointment last month for yesterday to see a doctor at an organization that bases it on your income – it isn’t a free clinic. I have no insurance because I can’t afford it and working at a pizza place obviously doesn’t help provide anything for its employees. So, I had to go to this place. I’m not going to say its name to bash them because they probably do want to help people, maybe. I’m also still pissed about my experience from yesterday, but here is how it went…

I arrived 30 mins prior, like they said to fill out paper work. My appointment was at 9:30. Not that many people were in the waiting room and there were 2 doctors there, so I didn’t think it would take too long to get in.

They call me back to take my blood pressure, weight, more medical history, etc. Then they sent me back to the waiting room where I waited for at least an hour. Then they call me up to – fill out another paper medical questionnaire. Hmm, okay? I didn’t get sent back to the little room to wait for the doctor for another good 30 minutes. I waited in that room for at least half an hour too.

I didn’t see the doctor until around 11:30. I’m quite perturbed by now too. He BARELY looked at my “questionnaire” I filled out. He didn’t listen to me when I talked and if he did, he didn’t respond 80% of the time. Oh and since celiac disease is “rare” (in his words) he "probably" doesn’t think I could have it, even though most of the symptoms I do have and the doctor I saw before that treated me for IBS didn’t do anything same with “acid reflux” and other things. He didn’t even look at the rash I have that could be the itchy skin rash too. Then, he heads to leave when I’m not even done talking! Seriously?!? How is this guy a doctor? Then to top it off he says he’ll prescribe… and walks out. I didn’t even hear what he said (if he said anything) and he’ll be back to bring the prescription in. Um.. what? 15 minutes later I hear him walk into another patient’s room while I’m still waiting – again. I open the door and find someone who works there and ask why I’m waiting so long on a prescription I don’t even know what it is. She explains the nurse (or someone) is working on it and something about labs. What labs? He didn’t even say anything about that?!? My irritation level is about to explode. Oh, and I hadn’t eaten anything yet because my Mom said not to if I get blood work done.

Finally the prescription is ready and the person walks my Mom and I over to the lab area. I didn’t have to wait there for too long to be called back. I had to wait in the blood-drawing area though for at least 20 minutes and for what? I wasn’t told. I didn’t even know what tests were going to be ran with my blood – I had to ask the lab tech lady. Apparently he ordered 3. One general one, one for thyroid and another for how I digest things, I guess?

I told the lady before I need the small needle and I have rolling veins. It isn’t fun to be stuck multiple times in each arm and I’ve passed out before. Honestly, it is NOT fun. Well, guess what almost happened? That’s right! I almost passed out because she didn’t get in the vein or something after the 3rd time she poked me. Ouch! My Mom came back there and helped walk me out.

Apparently I could have eaten before the tests and that would have helped with the blood work. So, we go to eat lunch and come back and guess who is not there? The lab tech lady is the only one who works in that area and she is now at lunch. So, we have to wait for her and 2 more people to go through. Not fun, but that is fine because the pharmacy people aren’t back until 2:30 – talk about a long lunch hour!

This time the blood is drawn fine because she gets it from my hand and warmed it before. I’ll have to remember that the next time it ever needs to be drawn.

After waiting for the pharmacy people to get back, I’m just told that they are out of one of the prescriptions which would cost $70something and generic version at that and the other is $50something with their discount. I said no thanks!

We were at the medical center from 9am to 3pm. Talk about ridiculous!

So, we went to Wal Mart’s pharmacy to see what their prices are for those. Both are in the $30s. I’m going to pick one of them up today and not get the one for IBS because it never helped me before and I tried a few different ones for that so why waste $30?

I also do not plan on ever going back to this medical center. I’m going to call for my results and then cancel my “follow up” appointment next month. I don’t want to waste another $20 on a quack doctor who doesn’t even listen to his patients.

If this is anything like what the Obama healthcare reform will be like, people will seriously be beyond pissed. Sadly, it will probably be even worse than this.


Unbreakable said...

I have a really expensive Famous doctor and the wait is really long as well, she is really good though she takes the time out to listen.That doctor was being a pain i could see from what you have written,I really hope whatever they gave you works.

Andhari said...

That sucks so much! I would've complained and maybe started yelling, if I were you. So unprofessional. Switching clinic is definitely a good idea!

Lee said...

That's how it is a lot of the time.
The only reason I have to wait a long time for my doctor is because he sits there and listens to everything his patient has to say before he leaves.
So sometimes he can be back there for an hour talking to his patient, but he gives you the same courtesy.

Obama's healthcare is going to screw us all.

Lucy said...

Oh, you poor thing. That had to be so frustrating and the feeling that you could do nothing is even worse.

I am hoping everything turns out fine with your bloodwork and then maybe you can find another clinic or doctor that takes payments that will listen. There is nothing worse than feeling like a doctor is not HEARING you.

learnxtoxfly said...

That stinks! I hope you have better luck somewhere else in the future. I cannot believe that a doctor could be so uncaring and unjust.

Yaya said...

Oh my gosh. That is ridiculous. I would have been livid.