January 26, 2010

Proxy 2: Remote Access to Your PC, or Another PC

The first time I ever had someone access my PC with remote access or viewing was when I was on the phone (for a few hours) with Garmin’s customer service. It rather amazed me because they could gain control of my PC (with my permission) from wherever they were and help fix the problem. It was an immense help because while I am computer savvy, I am not as advanced as their technical team is. I could see what he was doing, and he talked me through it (which made it a little bit less weird or scary).

Proxy Networks Proxy Pro 7 is software that offers secure, state of the art 256 bit encryption Remote Access via the internet for troubleshooting, the ability to access files or data or collaborating with a work team from different locations.

It is an ideal solution for large and small companies that aren’t all located in the same building. It is also great for companies that would need to help their customer’s with troubleshooting with remote access.

Individuals with a work computer and a home computer would also find this software useful in case they need to do work at home or forgot something from their home computer before leaving for work.

If you’re unsure if you would need this for your personal use or business purposes, Proxy Networks offers a free 30 day trial of the software.

* Disclosure: This is a paid post from Proxy Networks. All opinions expressed are honest and my own personal opinions.


learnxtoxfly said...

Ahh thats what its called! hhaha. We have a company that services our computers here at work and I always thought it was cool when they were "inside" my computer!

Unbreakable said...

Yes thats is great, Logmein can also be used and its free.