January 8, 2010

Photo Copyright Scammer

While going in and checking over the comments to be published on here I came across two that screamed SCAM at me.

Dawn (who did not include an e-mail address or correct “blogger” profile on the comment) apparently thinks I infringed on some copyright with a lily image that I badly blacked out. She didn’t say it good grammar though.

Here is what she said (on a page which had nothing to do even with flowers) “please remove the photo of mine that you posted in contravention of copyright law on your flickr site--it's the one of the lily that your (badly) removed the black background from.

Okay “Dawn” what image are you talking about? I don’t recall ever placing such image on my Blog and furthermore, I never even posted a single picture on a flickr page.

Then there is another comment (which I won’t approve either) but she says this “You posted an image of mine in contravention of copyright law on your Flickr page and a few others pages--please remove it immediately. Please note a formal complaint has been filed with Flickr and Yahoo.

Again, no Flickr so what are you talking about? You can’t scam me.

Anyone else having issues with little scammers like her (or him, or it, whatever it is)?

Update: "She" e-mailed me and said same stuff. I responded stating that she needs to only contact person she thinks stole the image, not any random person who uses Blogger. Waiting to hear back now. Unbelievable!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a scam to me or someone trying to scare you.

I had to start moderating my comments as some people started to leave weird comments.

These people ruin it for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Wow thats just retarded! I agree, sounds like a scam to me!

~Tom~ said...

Was there a link in the comment meant for you to click on? If so it was most definitely a scam. As for the Flickr account, you actually do have one. When you upload your pictures here in blogger, that is where it goes I believe. In the meantime, just continue to ignore the comments that strike you as odd. Always trust your instincts.

Lucy said...

Gosh, I have not had this happen but I don't use Flickr or is it Flicker? Anyways, I was going to look into using it because everyone talks about it but I think I might skip it and anymore I have been staying away from pictures unless they are my personal ones because of all the hoopla about copyrights and all, too much of a headach for me and my simple blog (LOL)

Anonymous said...

That does sound a little strange!