February 28, 2010

BBQ Grills

Something about BBQ Grills takes me back to childhood and hamburgers. They are happy memories from when my Dad would pull out the grill and cook for family and friends on the weekend.

I was never a big meat eater, even as a kid. I did like the hamburgers and steak that he grilled on our outdoor grill though. Of course I liked grilled chicken too (that is the only of the above mentioned meats I’ve eaten for many years).

BBQ grills have come a long way since I was a kid. Have you seen some of the new ones out for sale now? They can be customized and are quite amazing. They make your backyard pool area or patio really feel like you are at a resort. Take a look at this one:

The Fire Magic Grill is a gourmet style grill that would impress anyone who came over to your house (especially the men). Ladies, think of these grills as the Louboutin in the BBQ grills department.

I’ve even known someone whose husband didn’t want to buy a certain house because they didn’t have one of these gourmet BBQ grills by the pool area and wouldn’t have a good spot to put one in himself. Somehow that won over having a large walk-in closet. Luckily they did find a home where they both got what they wanted – and had many parties outside to use the grill. If you can afford it, these are well worth the investment for your entertainment, food, and even resale later when you want to sell your house.

Do you have a BBQ grill in your backyard or patio area? How often is it used? Which type do you have? Do you too have fond memories from childhood about BBQing? Would this be a present you’d consider getting for a father or husband in the future (or have you in the past)?

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Nashe^ said...

Nope, my family's never owned one coz basically there's no space to keep it at all! Come to think of it not many people in my country have it. Only those with really big houses might have one. (Lik 70% of us live in apartment buildings.lol)

Anonymous said...

We LOVE our grill! It's a Kenmore Elite and we use it all the time during the warm months (April- October). My husband really enjoys cooking on it!

Anonymous said...

We just have the tiny standard grill. As a family, we don't grill all too much.

I don't know if I'd like to have one, maybe if I become rich!