February 25, 2010

Wind Chimes: A Magical Delight

My mom is a huge fan of wind chimes. She has had them hanging around on the porch since I was a kid. The musical qualities that they each bring are “a magical delight” as she puts it.

It is a present I usually buy for her too. She loves spending time in the garden and on the swing on our porch overlooking the lake, so it is a present she actually enjoys throughout the year. It isn’t always easy shopping for your parents, as I’m sure you all know. So, when you find something you know they like you tend to stick with it, right?

There are many different types of wind chimes to choose from too. One of my personal favorites is the bamboo wind chimes. It reminds me of Florida and the tropical climate I called home. The sounds of the bamboo bring harmony and relaxation to your garden or porch. It is really a perfect addition to a porch with a swing while reading a favorite book in a cool afternoon breeze.

Another popular type is the aluminum wind chimes. These chimes are able to sound like Corinthian Bells, Irish airs, a piano and much more – depending on what you want your chimes to sound like. My favorite in this type are ones that sound like Irish airs (though they are not always easy to find).

Glass wind chimes also sound very pretty in the breeze. The glass in different colors and arrangements make them very noticeable and unique too. This is a fun type to pull out for certain holidays or seasons.

An important thing to note about wind chimes is that to keep them looking nice, it is best to pull them inside during bad weather. If you’re going on vacation also remember to bring them inside – bad weather could come while you are gone or an admirer or said chimes could come by and steal your favorite ones (it has happened before).

Do you have wind chimes hanging on your porch or in your garden? Which are your favorite types?

* This is a sponsored post from OUTDORA.


Anonymous said...

Don't have any wind chimes at my house right now but my best friend has the glass ones at her apt. =)

And I love that bamboo one for obvious reasons. =)

JStar said...

Your mom reminds me of my mom :) She loves them as well. I dont particuarally like them because they are noisy...But they bring joy to her...

Unbreakable said...

I think its a great gift for her, my grandma would love that she loves the outdoors

Jillene said...

We have an aluminum one on our front porch. We just kind of inherited it when we bought the house. But I do love how it sounds!!

Wendyburd1 said...

I LOVE wind chimes, ours aren't pretty anymore because they DO live outside but it is for the sound so I don't care what they look like.
When we stayed with my Aunt while our current house was being built 11 years ago, we got used to her chimes, hearing them every night. Then we got one as a gift from a friend as a housewarming gift and so we have two up, the sound has become a destresser, it is so relaxing!

Andhari said...

Your house is overlooking the lake? JEALOUS :D must be nice to sit on a porch and just chill like that :)