February 22, 2010

Fire pits and Campfires – A Former Girl Scout’s Dream

Where I grew up in Florida we couldn’t have campfires or even fire pits in the backyard. The only time I ever got to enjoy one was when I went camping with my Girl Scout Troop (and only in an approved fire area of course). I also enjoyed them when I went to visit my Aunt Stacy and Uncle Greg in North Carolina – they love a good campfire too.

Now that I live in Alabama, I am able to have a campfire, fire pit or even an outdoor fireplace in the backyard. The fireplace is a better option price wise, and makes the patio a more enjoyable space when it starts getting cold outside. The patio fireplaces may not be huge, but they really do put out heat for those nearby. Plus, they are elegant and bring the ambiance that only a fire can bring to an outdoor living space.

This fire pit table would have been perfect for our tropical backyard in Florida, right near the pool. It makes an ideal choice for anyone wanting that resort style atmosphere in their own backyard – no matter where you live.

The fire pit table is a pricier addition to your backyard – but it would be well worth it if you can afford it. When building my dream home, I’m definitely going to add one of these to my outdoor living area. I can imagine sitting around this table with good friends, family and wine or vodka (whichever is being served) and making lasting memories telling stories and laughing about good times.

Do any of you have campfires, fire pits, outdoor or patio fireplaces too? Would you want to buy one or ever thought of purchasing one for your home? Which one(s) would you select for your dream home?

* This is a sponsored post from OUTDORA.


Ashlee said...

LOVE the table firepit. My parents have one of the fireplace patio sets too and we love it.

For my dream home I'd want one of the table firepits too though how fun! I would want it to be with granite or marble, preferably black oh or onyx!

Anonymous said...

Love that firepit. I do not have a firepit but they are quite common up here.

I would love one though for my house. I love being outdoors, so it'd be perfect!

Anonymous said...

Outdoor fireplaces are really popular here. Bryan and I want to screen in our existing patio then build a new patio with an outdoor fireplace. Don't know how many years down the road that will be but I'd love to do it! I think it's something that we would really use.

Jessica said...

These Firepits will bring beauty for any outdoor living space.