February 7, 2010

Las Vegas

I’m considering going to Las Vegas sometime this year, maybe. It depends of course on school class schedules, work, and if I can save any money to do so.

I’ve wanted to stay at the Bellagio or Luxor hotels for a very long time. Even if it is just for a few nights each, I would want to divide my time between the two. Hopefully I could get a good deal on those too. I’m not going for the huge suites after all, but if they wanted to upgrade me for free, I’d be just fine with that.

The city life in Las Vegas is bright, energizing and somewhere I would really love to visit. Walking along the strip, gambling, taking fun pictures, shopping and enjoying some world-class shows is really what it is all about right? Oh, I’m sure there are also fabulous places to eat some great food too. If I had to pick a nice dinner or a show though, I’d skimp on the food and go to a show.

I really want to see some of these Vegas shows: Cirque Du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Mystere, Criss Angel, and a few more. I couldn’t afford them all but I’d definitely try to see Criss Angel and Cirque Du Soleil before I left.

The shopping is also great, right? Maybe I’d win a jackpot and actually be able to afford some of the designer stuff in those casinos and shops. That would be really nice.

I’ve gambled at and been to a few casinos before: Hollywood, FL, New Orleans, LA and Cherokee, NC. Nothing too high stakes of course, but it was fun.

My favorite games there are the silly slot machines. They can however, get boring kind of quickly when not winning. I’m pretty good at Blackjack, but I don’t know if I would really be able to play that at a casino and not get addicted.

There are of course free slot machines to play online and there are pay casinos such as Vegas Online I could just go to instead. If I played these, I’d go for the online slots because as I said, I find them to be fun.

I’ll keep you posted on this endeavor. I know some of you have been to or even live in Las Vegas that read this blog (Lee), any suggestions on where I should visit if or when I visit?


Kristina P. said...

I have mixed feelings about Vegas. Living in Utah, only 6 hours away, it's a close enough escape. But, we don't drink or really gamble a lot, so I wouldn't say it's my favorite place either.

We do like a lot of the roller coasters and the shopping.

Manju said...

take me with you???
pretty pretty please?? ;)
Vegas is def. on my list of places to visit before i die

Anonymous said...

Oh Las Vegas is one of our dream destinations! We'll get there someday!

Sheri said...

I'd take you all with me if I could... no way to win that big jackpot before I get there to do so though :P

Anonymous said...

I wanna go with you too! lol.

I've never been and like Kristina said, I'm not really into drinking or gambling that much either but I would love to go for the shows and shopping!

Lee said...

Go to the Adventure Dome if you like theme parks. Stay at the Bellagio, and don't ever stay at the Excalibur.


Lucy said...

This is one of our places to visit next. We figure once we move to Arizona we will be a lot closer and we will definitely get out to Vegas, we will see???

Good Luck and you will definitely have to post all about your time out there, we can live vicariously through you until we get there!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to go!

Shannon said...

I love love love Vegas! We honeymooned there and just went back in August 09 for my birthday. We aren't big gamblers at all either. So many people think you have to be a gambler to like Vegas but that's so untrue! The restaurants there are amazing, the shows are incredible, and the people watching is absolutely fantastic! When/if you go, be sure to check out SushiSamba, Dos Caminos, the Carnival World Buffet at the Rio (dining), as for places to stay check out the Mirage, Paris, & Rio. Good luck!

Haggis said...

I'd probably never be able to actually go there, since I live on another continent, but it does sound like an interesting place. Fortunately though, I could just visit the real Eiffel Tower instead of the replica, for instance. I'd say in that respect, Las Vegas is rather like an overblown theme park, and I'd prefer visiting the real locations rather than their Vegas counterparts.

Karen M. said...

Interesting. I think it would be more fun to go to Vegas rather than just gamble online. But maybe you will win something online and can then go to Vegas.