August 22, 2010

Neighborhood Watch by Cammie McGovern

Neighborhood Watch by Cammie McGovern is a story that takes you behind the reality of suburban life. Betsy Treading was a librarian and married, but everything turns upside down when she is sent to prison for the murder of her neighbor!

Book Description
“A riveting and frightening tale of false accusation from the author of Eye Contact

Twelve years ago librarian Betsy Treading was convicted of murdering her neighbor, the bohemian loner Linda Sue. After DNA testing finally exonerates Betsy, she returns to her suburban community determined to salvage her life and find the true killer. As she begins to pick apart the web of secrets, lies, and love affairs uncovered in the wake of her trial, Betsy suspects that her tight-lipped neighbors may know something that she has denied even to herself.

In Neighborhood Watch, Cammie McGovern captures the nail-biting electricity of the best literary thrillers and zeros in on the subterranean tension abuzz in a town whose dark secrets threaten to obliterate the glossy fa├žade of a perfect life. It is also the story of a woman coming into her own, finding her strength, and taking control of her life. It asks readers, what sort of price would you pay for the sake of your reputation? Intricately woven, psychologically astute, and filled with complex and surprising characters, Neighborhood Watch marks a significant step in the career of this talented author.”
– Neighborhood Watch

My Thoughts
Neighborhood Watch is a story that really brings together Desperate Housewives, CSI and perhaps a little bit of soap opera drama at its best.

The story of Betsy’s life is quite sad and as a reader you feel very sympathetic with everything she has endured in her life – and not just the prison sentence she was never guilty for. I actually quite liked the portions where she explains how prison life was really like and the people she met in there.

There are so many colorful characters that lived on Juniper Lane when the murder happened that it could be anybody who really killed Linda Sue. As soon as Betsey is released, she is on a mission to figure out who the real killer was. This brings on a series of events that not even I would have guessed. No spoilers here, you have to read it to be shocked and amazed yourself!

I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a good murder mystery and suspense book. It is easily read in a few afternoons (at most) and is very enjoyable. I do caution though that once you start, you’ll want to keep reading!

* Thank you to the publisher of Neighborhood Watch, Viking for providing me with a review copy. All opinions expressed are my own.


TeeTee said...

this book sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

This book sounds very good! I love murder mysteries.

Lucy said...

Oh, good I am grabbing a new book to read today, so glad I popped in to read your reviews!! Definitely grabbing this one!