August 20, 2010

True Blood Rolling Stone Cover

I love Tue Blood and I subscribe to Rolling Stone magazine. I was pretty excited when I saw this True Blood Rolling Stone cover in my mailbox.

I saw it on our local morning talk show on ABC a few days before I received it. I live in Alabama so they obviously did not have the same reaction of it being “hot” as I did. They were blowing it way out of proportion.

Sure, True Blood nakedness is not anything new, if you watch the show… and Rolling Stone certainly has had much riskier covers. So really what is the big deal?

Have you seen this Rolling Stone cover before now? What do you think?


Kristina P. said...

It's not the nudity that bothers me, as I'm a strong proponent of nudity. But the blood makes me gag.

Wendyburd1 said...


Anonymous said...

Wow thats crazy. But it doesnt really bother me.

Lucy said...

Wow, just saw this for the first time and really it is sooo Rolling Stone! If you don't like it don't look and don't buy it. Really people there is so much on television that is way worse and they complain about that cover?? In addition, we have bigger problems in the world and maybe if we focused on those problems instead of stupid magazine covers, really, people get a life!

Melanie's Randomness said...

This is so hot yet I would think it would disturb me with the blood. I guess I know its fake so I'm just enjoying the view! lol!