July 25, 2012

Mind Reader by Lior Suchard

Mind Reader: Unlocking the Power of Your Mind to Get What You Want by mentalist Lior Suchard is an interesting book about the author’s life, and how he uses some of his mind reading abilities for his performances. Do you want to know some of the secrets of mentalists, or perhaps try them out for yourself? If so, be sure to read this book!

Book Description
Do you believe it's possible for someone to read your mind?

Lior Suchard can. He can read your innermost thoughts, and knows what you are going to say before you say it—before you even know you're going to say it!

As a six-year-old boy in Haifa, Israel, Lior first realized he had an extraordinary mental power. Now he is known throughout the world as a dazzling entertainer and peerless mentalist, astounding audiences everywhere with his singular talent for mind reading, thought influencing, and telekinesis. In Mind Reader, Lior takes us on an incredible journey through the wonders of the human mind, sharing his remarkable personal story while offering invaluable advice. Lior's secrets and lessons, illustrated throughout with interactive elements and brainteasers, will enable readers to achieve phenomenal success by unlocking their untapped mental powers and freely embracing their inner mentalist.” – Mind Reader

My Thoughts
Mind Reader is written in a fun and engaging manner that pulls the reader in and makes them feel as if they are in the audience of one of the author’s performances. Lior shares his path to becoming a mentalist stage performer, and even though it isn’t a common profession, it does make for some interesting reading.

Lior doesn’t share that many secrets of his trade, but does give a few good examples of things you can do to try mind reading out for yourself. The most useful is probably the way he suggests reading body language and other non-verbal expressions. Creating positive energy is also another good area to focus on because this is something that everyone can definitely use more of in their life.

I would have preferred there to have been more examples or exercises for the reader to try mind reading for themself. Most of the book is focused on the author’s life and the stage performance he is recounting for us to read about. While fun, it doesn’t honestly “unlock the power of your mind to get what you want.”

* Thank you to the publisher of Mind Reader, William Morrow, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Anonymous said...

I would so enjoy seeing him in a performance.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a good book but I would rather see his act in person.