July 8, 2012

Weekend Update

I don’t usually post “life” updates, but I thought it would be good to post what is going on with me lately and why I haven’t been able to blog often. As some of you may remember, there was a huge amount of water damage at my home, so things have been crazy with the renovations now that the contractor is actually working on it.

My bedroom is finally finished, so this weekend has been the first time I’ve actually been able to sleep in my new bed in my bedroom. My old mattress was ruined from the water issue. I gotta say that I am loving this new mattress though – so plush and cozy!

I’m still trying to find boxes and bins and random things that my stuff was moved to though, and one of those things is a box with books I need to read and review. Luckily, I had a large pile of books to read while things have been going on, but it isn’t easy reading with hammering and pounding going on either. I’ll post some pictures once things are finished. Everywhere is in a limbo area with nothing being completely done yet (it is driving me insane too).

I really want a new coffeemaker. The old one is taking around 18-20 minutes to brew one pot of coffee, which in a house full of coffee drinkers is just too long. I’m thinking of getting this Bunn coffeemaker. Does anyone have one? It is a bit pricey, so I want to make sure it is good before getting it.

Tonight is a new episode of True Blood so you know I’m highly excited I actually get to watch it on my nice TV finally. Seeing Eric Northman in anything less than 720 pixels is just wrong. LoL The show has veered so far off from the books, I don’t know what is coming next, and I love it. It is two completely different stories now, but that is okay with me because the characters are fangtastic and I can't get enough. Have you been watching this season? What do you think of it so far?


Steph said...

Glad to hear that your bedroom is (almost) done! That is great! I like the new season of True Blood so far but it looks like it is going to get crazy soon. I have one of the cheapo coffee makers so I don't know about the Bunn one sorry!

Michelle said...

I have a Bunn and it is GREAT!

Lucy said...

Glad to hear a little about your reality and nice to know things are getting back on track for you and your family.