February 8, 2013

Effortless Mind by Ajayan Borys

Effortless Mind by Ajayan Borys teaches the reader about meditation, and how to have an effortless mind. Meditation shouldn’t be hard, and he explains how to do it with ease. This is a great beginner manual for meditating.

Book Description
Beginners and long-term meditators alike will appreciate Ajayan Borys’s counterintuitive teaching that one needn’t control the mind to experience the benefits of meditation. Instead, as with falling asleep, ease is essential. Effort fuels accomplishment in the world of action, but in the realm of meditation, struggle blocks success. And just as dreams are a natural part of restful sleep, thoughts during meditation are no obstacle to receiving wonderful, revitalizing results.

With clear, user-friendly instruction, Ajayan presents classic techniques that can empower even beginners to experience deep, effective meditation and can help veterans go deeper. Offering eye-opening insights about finding growth and bliss in everyday life, Effortless Mind is filled with the practical and inspirational wisdom of a consummate teacher.” – Effortless Mind

My Thoughts
Effortless Mind is a book that can honestly teach anyone how to meditate. It isn’t just for those who are very Zen and peaceful. Meditation can truly be for anyone, and Ajayan Borys shows that to anyone who reads this book.

In a society where everyone is always on the go and trying to do more, meditation seems like it would be so hard to do. I’ve tried to meditate many times, and often, I’m afraid I’m doing it wrong. To get right down to the truth of it though, as long as you are trying, you are doing it. It isn’t really that hard. The first step is wanting to do it, the second is finding a teacher or a book to help you achieve it. This is the best book I’ve found to do it.

This book covers the basics of meditation, and then eases the reader into learning how to do different types of meditation. Included in the book is chakra meditation, mantra meditation, and meditations to promote health and longevity. You may find that you like certain types of meditation more than others, or that you can only do one or two effectively, at least for now – and that is okay!

I found this book to be incredibly helpful with meditation. It does a fantastic job explaining the types of meditations, and how to do them. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Effortless Mind, New World Library, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Anonymous said...

Meditating is supposed to be easy?!?!? I have to get this and see, I have the hardest time doing it!