February 22, 2013

Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr

Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr is aimed to help you become empowered by who you are as a person. The tips and resources included in the book are great starters for anyone who needs a little extra help to uncover their unique gifts.

Book Description
Miranda Kerr is many things supermodel, activist, wife, and mother-but she is also an emerging voice in the world of self-empowerment. Now she has written a book to shine the light of positivity on those who need it most.

"I wish to share my inspiration with you so that you will treasure and believe in yourself," she explains. "If you have faith in your abilities and accept who you are, you will uncover your unique gifts. We all have wings, but it is up to each one of us to have the courage to fly.

"My hope is that my words and the affirmations I have included will help empower you to reach for your dreams, even in difficult times. With action, anything in life is possible."” – Treasure Yourself

My Thoughts
Treasure Yourself is a book that reads like it was actually written by the celebrity author, which I like. I know that some celebrity books (on a variety of topics) read like their editor red-penned everything and completely changed what they wrote. This one doesn’t do that, and if they did, well, I can’t tell, sorry! BUT – that is what I like about it. Miranda Kerr wrote this book that does focus on learning how to actually treasure yourself for who you are as a person, and reading it, does sound like it is coming from her own voice.

This is a truly inspiring book that leaves me feeling uplifted each time I read it. The quotes and insight in the book are great, and I couldn’t ask for more with what the book is. If you need some self-treasuring tips, this is the book for you!

* Thank you to the publisher of Treasure Yourself, Hay House, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Cool ! I like it.