February 10, 2013

Know Yourself, Forget Yourself by Marc Lesser

Know Yourself, Forget Yourself by Marc Lesser is a book to help you find out what your life’s purpose really is. Many of us struggle with finding the “right” job, or path in life, and Marc Lesser helps us discover it within ourselves. When reading this book and figuring it out, you might end up surprising yourself by where you end up going in life.

Book Description
We all yearn for clear-cut answers to life’s problems, yet we rarely get them. Formulas fail and contradictions mount. In Know Yourself, Forget Yourself, executive coach and mindfulness teacher Marc Lesser shows that understanding and embracing the points where life feels most confusing, most contradictory can lead us to more satisfaction and joy.

Lesser provides clear guidance and simple practices for embracing five central paradoxes in life and navigating them to increase our effectiveness and happiness. Influenced by the revolutionary mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainings he helped develop at Google, Know Yourself, Forget Yourself is a profound book about cultivating the emotional skills to understand the right path through difficulties and challenges.” – Know Yourself, Forget Yourself

My Thoughts
Know Yourself, Forget Yourself is a book many of us need to read. We end up doing many things through the course of our lives that take us off the path we were meant to live. Getting back on track isn’t always easy, and many times, we’re just not sure what to do, where to go, and feel stuck. I know I’ve felt this way many times. I ended up rediscovering my purpose on my own, but if I had this book, maybe I wouldn’t have wasted quite a few years in the process of figuring it out.

My favorite part of the book is banishing perfectionism. I am one of those people who usually want to do everything perfect, or not do it at all. It doesn’t really have to be that way though! Also, be confident and question everything. I have had issues with this in the past (and present), and really hope to be able to change this about myself.

This is an incredibly helpful and eye-wakening book. If you aren’t ready to live up to your full potential, don’t read this book. If you want to change and become who you are meant to be, please read this book! I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Know Yourself, Forget Yourself, New World Library, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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