July 21, 2014

The Given by Vicki Pettersson

The Given by Vicki Pettersson is the final book in the “Celestial Blues” series. If you have been a fan of the series, this is definitely one you need to read! If you haven’t heard of it – this is your invitation to get engrossed in this fantastic series!

Book Description
The dramatic conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Vicki Pettersson’s critically acclaimed Celestial Blues series—an inventive blend of paranormal romance, noir mystery, and urban fantasy—involving a fallen angel and a flesh-and-blood rockabilly reporter.

After learning his wife survived the attack that killed him fifty years earlier, angel/PI Griffin Shaw is determined to find Evelyn Shaw, no matter the cost. Yet his obsession comes at a price. Grif has had to give up his burgeoning love for reporter Katherine “Kit” Craig, the woman who made life worth living again, and dedicate himself to finding one he no longer knows.

Yet when Grif is attacked again, it becomes clear that there are forces in both the mortal and heavenly realm who’d rather see him dead than unearth the well-buried secrets of his past. If he’s to survive his second go-round on the Surface, Grif will have to convince Kit to reunite with him professionally, and help uncover decades of police corruption, risking both their lives . . . and testing the limits to what one angel is really willing to give for love.” – The Given

My Thoughts
The Given is the first book in the “Celestial Blues” series that I have read. However, I still enjoyed reading it and will definitely be reading the prior two. The conclusion of this book series was written very well and makes me want more, even if I know what happens!

I love the mix of mystery, crime, investigating, romance and the paranormal all thrown in together. This series is unique and the characters that live in it are memorable. It is something I could see being made into a TV series quite easily, especially with the whole retro goth vibe to it.

Overall, I completely enjoyed reading this book and found the author to be a delight. I will be checking out more of what she has to offer, because I can’t wait to read what else she has to offer! I highly recommend this book and the series!

* Thank you to the publisher of The Given, Harper Voyager, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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