May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday – TLC

TLC was a female group from the 1990s. I absolutely loved them. They weren’t named after “Tender Love & Care” either. TLC was the first letter from each of their names: "T-Boz", "Left Eye" Lopes, and "Chilli" Thomas.

Their sexy and funky attitude made TLC the biggest selling female R&B group. They inspired other female groups to emerge and many fashion trends.

Their albulm for Crazy Sexy Cool was certified 11x Platinum in U.S. They also won many awards which can be seen here.

Sadly, on April 25, 2002, Lopes died in a car accident but the remaining members, Thomas and Watkins, had intentions of finishing the album they were working on despite their loss.

One of their best known songs and videos was “Waterfalls” so naturally, I am posting it here for you all to remember and enjoy.

One of my favorite songs was “Creep.” I don’t know why really, I just really liked it.

I can’t end this post without adding “No Scrubs” – the ultimate girl anthem.

Do you remember TLC? Did you like them? Any favorite songs? Videos?


Nickie. said...

tlc rocks!! i love waterfalls. its such a beautiful song!

Paula said...

I have hilarious memories of my sister and I driving around singing quite loudly to Scrubs. Good times :)

Bobby G said...

TLC was the JAM! I still Jam out to Crazy Sexy Cool!

Yaya said...

Totally remember TLC. Waterfall was the best. My friend and I recorded it at an amusement park!

Wendyburd1 said...

I LOVE TLC!! Their first No.1 Baby Baby Baby I loved and Scrubs is the best, plus I really like the song Unpretty.

Liz said...

My favorite song by them was No Scrubs!

Leetid said...

I loved Waterfalls!

Lee said...

I remember TLC.
I remember when lefteye died.
Really, really sucked.

What was the video where one of them was going to have plastic surgery in it?
I can't remember.
Had the computer simulated image of her and the boyfriend put big boobs on it.
I remember that.

Andhari said...

I looooveeeeee TLC. Left Eye was such an inspiration ever since I started rapping :) I like "Dear Lie" and "Unpretty" besides "No Scrubs"