May 12, 2009

Late Weekend Update

I’m sorry this post is a little late. Things have been really hectic over here and in my downtime I just didn’t have time to write up a Blog post.

The weekend was pretty good. On Saturday, I went on a paranormal investigation at a 144 year old mill with the group. It was a really cool place and I hope we can come back sometime!

I would prefer it was in the winter though because the threat of bees on the third floor meant I was freaking out over bees more than ghosts. Ghosts really don’t scare me – bees do. Funny huh? I’m allergic to bees and wasps so I really didn’t want to get stung out there.

Also while we were there a huge thunderstorm came when my group was in the open pavilion with a tin roof. It was screened in, but rain was getting in (not much though thankfully) but it seemed like for a minute there the roof was going to blow off – and then it started hailing. Yeah, scary. Again, something that scares me on an investigation that is not a ghost – tornadoes (or threats of). We weren’t under a watch or warning, but still they could pop up!

I saw a few shadow people and felt some things, but I can’t really get into that (I think). I really need to ask the leaders what I can discuss on here. Oh, I’m also going to be helping the group’s website out and drawing (or trying to) a new logo for it. It is going to be of two casper-like ghosts. When I get this all done I will share with all of you the group I am in – exciting huh?

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we went over to my Aunt’s house and had a big “dinner” there. I say “dinner” because it is more like “lunch” but in Alabama they call lunch dinner and dinner supper. It was nice, and yet awkward. I didn’t grow up around them and there isn’t anyone my age to talk to. It is just weird for me.

My friend Robyn is coming to visit this week (probably tomorrow). So, I’m excited about that. I haven’t seen her since my senior year of college in 2005. So, I need to do a bit of cleaning the guest room and around the house. I think we will have a good time even if I do live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. On Saturday, she is going to be a guest investigator for the investigation that day, so that will definitely be fun!

I’ll try to write again more frequently. I have a lot of things I want to Blog about including a new kid-friendly free online game I’m reviewing.

How were all of your weekends? I’m going to try to catch up on past Blogs tonight if I have time, if not tomorrow morning hopefully.


Jillene said...

Sounds like you have been REALLY busy. That is a good thing though!! It's good to hear from you.

Bobby G said...

Well if bees sting you you could die, so thats a legit fear! lol Love thunderstorms and tornadoes tho!

Nickie. said...

Bees + Tornadoes scare me more than ghosts would too!!!!

Looks like you had fun though!!!

Paula said...

That's great that your friend is coming to visit! I miss my college friends ... but I'm lucky that 4 of us live pretty close to each other.

I can't wait to hear more about your group's website!

the girl in stiletto said...

awwww they call lunch = dinner too here in ireland :D i thought it was weird at first, but now it caught on me. tell more about the ghost stories :D (if your team leader permits it though) i just love scaring myself off like that, but i never have the guts to actually watch horror movies :D have fun with your friend, robyn!

Andhari said...

You had suchhhh fun, and busy busy's okay as long as you blog all about it later, preferably with pics :)

Have fun when your friend visiting.x

TeeTee said...

Sounds like fun!

Lee said...

You're always so busy!
I'm terrified as hell of bees. Me and Drew were relaxing in the back yard, looking at flowers. He goes "Hey look, bees!"
I flipped out.

Ghosts scare me less than bees.

Wendyburd1 said...

You have been busy, I am so boring!LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your friend coming sounds like fun. It also sounds like you guys will have a lot of catching up to do!

We use lunch & dinner. I have always disliked the word "supper". Don't ask!