May 18, 2009

Grey’s Anatomy + Survivor – Season Finales

I was going to post each of these individually, but then time slipped away from me and I didn’t. So, now here are my thoughts on these show’s season finales. I love them, so I am glad they aren’t over entirely (yet anyways)!

Grey’s Anatomy

Wow. Quite a bit happened on this finale.

Meredith and Derrick got fake married in the residents locker room and wrote their vows on post-its. Something tells me something will go wrong with this next season. They need to just get their butts down to City Hall already! It is a large step from the cliffhanger of last season and the house of candles.

Alex was great helping Izzy with her short-term memory loss. That is until he yelled at her because he thought she’d forget and then she didn’t. Then he was hugging her and she coded.

George went off and decided to join the army. However, he didn’t quite make it. At the bus stop he pushed a girl out of the way and got hit and dragged by a bus. He was the “John Doe” that kept almost dying and now that girl’s hero. His face was all tore up and gone and Meredith figured out it was him when he traced “007” on her hand. That was his nickname.

Izzy and George were both dying at the same time and met each other on the “otherside” at the hospital. Izzy was in her prom dress (from the prom night at the hospital – same night Denny died) and George had a buzzcut and was in his army uniform. Will they die? Will they survive for next season? I guess that depends on the contracts.

Bailey ended up turning down the pediatrics fellowship because her husband would leave her if she accepted it. Then she admitted that she wouldn’t stay with him but she was going to now be a single mother and just couldn’t handle it. So, she is going to stay with general surgery – plus they have that cool new robot now!

Christina and the trauma doctor Owen are taking things a bit better and seem to be together now. He finally went home to see his mom who is just miles away from the hospital. About time don’t ya think?

McSteamy asked Little Grey to move in with him, but she turned him down. They were a bit off after that. Their story seemed a bit just thrown together compared to everyone else’s.

Callie and the blonde pediatrics girl seem to be doing okay now. Their storyline also seemed to be just thrown together.

What did you guys think of the Grey’s Anatomy season finale for this season? I thought it was good. Not great, but good. I like Izzy and George and I know all of that drama with what they said about the show and all makes them iffy if they would return to the show, but still. It was a bit much for them to both maybe die on the same episode! How much can fans take without going on life support themselves?


My favorite person on this season was JT. He is cute and from Alabama plus he was a really strong competitor. It didn’t look too good for him when the merge came though. He was aligned with Stephen and Taj and they were the only ones left from their old tribe. Usually that would mean he was the first out because people take out the strongest threats first at this point (if they don’t win immunity). However, thanks to Coach trusting him and wanting a “Warrior Alliance” that didn’t happen. Instead, JT and Stephen orchestrated all of the other tribe to be voted out. It was pure genius.

However, when it came down to the final four they had Erinn too. I had a sick feeling they would turn on Taj and keep Erinn. They did. It made me think a bit less of both JT and Stephen. If I had been Taj, I would have been really hurt. It isn’t like she would have won the final challenge anyways, so why do that to someone you were with since the beginning?

The final two were JT (he won final immunity) and Stephen. When the jury asked them questions they did turn on one another a bit (perhaps just for show though). I still thought JT would win though because people liked him more and he won more things. It usually comes down to that.

Back in NYC at the “live show” before Jeff read the votes, I was shocked at how JT looked now. I think he is hotter all scruffy and dirty than he does when he was all cleaned up. How weird is that? I wonder how many other people thought that too.

JT won – unanimously! Who-oo! Finally a win on a show this season that I wanted to win.

My Mom thinks I should apply to be on the show but I really don’t think I could last on there. I’d be too bitchy. Plus the threat of snakes, spiders, sharks, wild animals and other bugs… seriously? For $1 million maybe though…


Bobby G said...

Damn.. I watch neither of those shows, but i still love you sheri! =)

Sheri said...

Aww, <3 you too! Just wait till True Blood comes back on I plan on doing something for each new episode. Who-oo!

TeeTee said...

I love Grey's Anatomy!

I found a website that has many spoilers {they may or may not be true} but it is a great source of information.

I agree: post it note marriage= something has to happen.

Lee said...

I don't watch either of those shows, but I knew Izzy was going to die because she complained about her contract.
You don't mess with people in hollywood!

the girl in stiletto said...

georgeyyyyyyyyyyyy :'( why oh why!!!!!! he looked at his best in that army uniform & very short army hair :D

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. But I was excited about JT winning Survivor!

Lamont said...

I just watched the Grey's finale online this evening after trying to avoid spoilers all weekend. I cried, I laughed and gasped at 007's and Izzy's circumstances. What a cliffhanger indeed!

Wendyburd1 said...

I don't watch Greys but thought someone said Izzie got married on the finale??

As for Survivor, I KNOW! Finally someone wins who I AGREE deserves it!! Stephen was really the one pissing me off though, he was making JT look bad and at one point I was so angry because even JT's mouth opened, like say what? Stephen WAS the one who wanted Taj out weeks ago because HE ad her idol!! And I SO agree, he is no longer HOT! He was so much cuter scruffed up and now it was like WHERE did cutey JT go??

ALEXW said...

So we have to wait all summer to see if Izzie kicked the bucket? Damn!

Joanna Jenkins said...

As the LA Times so (ahem) politely said... "They Better Both Be Dead!" after sucking us into their lame story lines on Grey's this season (George and Izzy). But honestly, I never saw the George/John Doe story line coming. I was SHOCKED! Izzy, not so much. Great recap. I just found your blog and will be back soon! nice to meet you.