May 7, 2009

Random Update

I figured today would be a good day to do one of my random updates about my life. It has been rainy and pretty dreary weather (that I actually like) for the past few days with no signs of it letting up much. It makes me think of Forks, WA and Twilight and the song “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” by Garbage. That song should totally have been in the movie.

The flowers I planted from seeds are coming up pretty well. The sunflowers are doing really well and getting over 8 inches tall. They need to be planted into the ground ASAP or at least a bigger pot until it stops raining so much. I’ll post pictures of how they look once I get some into bigger pots and/or the ground.

Last weekend there wasn’t any paranormal investigating because it was cancelled and this week it might be too be cause of weather. I also haven’t gotten the evidence back yet from the investigation at my house. I’m eagerly waiting to see this! The leaders did come back though a few days after the investigation to cleanse the house. It seems to be working, pretty much.

I’m really excited to be getting the supplies for my new business. I hope that it goes well and works out. Actually, I know it will. Positive energy! I’m also really excited to see what Bobby G comes up with for the logo. Thank you again for helping me out! Also, a big thank you to everyone who commented with all the encouraging words too! It means a lot to me. ::hugs::

Tonight is Grey’s Anatomy’s 100th episode! So naturally, I am quite excited about this. It is supposed to be Derek and Meredith’s wedding. However, I think it is going to end up being Izzy and Karev because Izzy is dying of cancer and she planned the whole dream wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I want Mer and Der to get married, I just am not quite convinced it will be on this episode. What do you think?

Also, did you know there is a Grey’s Anatomy video game out? I don’t think I’ll be getting it, but who knows? If I do, I’ll review it on here!

If Grey’s Anatomy isn’t your thing, maybe Survivor is? That is on tonight too and it looks like it is going to be very good as well! The “Survivor Auction” is tonight and it looks pretty good. I wonder what they will be bidding lots of money on this time besides food. It looks like JT and Steven are running the game right now, but we all know how quickly things can change in Survivor. I like JT though, and I hope he wins. Who do you want to win?

It is times like these that I am very happy that we have TiVo. Actually, it is a DVR with DirectTv. I just like calling it TiVo because it sounds cooler.


Bobby G said...

AWWWW thanks girl! Ill try to get on that ASAP! but my 3 jobs are a problem! ill try to get it to ya soon!

Yaya said...

I'm literally obsessed with survivor. My week revolves around it. Whoo hoo! Although I'm bummed Sierra got voted out, she was my fav. Now I gotta pick someone else.

Paula said...

I planted a bunch of flowers (snapdragons and petunias) last night on my patio. Can't wait to see your sunflowers and other plants!

Lee said...

I could make a logo. *pouts*

I've never watched Grey's Anatomy, but laughed when Izzy got brain cancer because I knew it was because she said she wanted to leave the show.
I didn't laugh at cancer, just the circumstance.

the girl in stiletto said...

lol. i enjoy watching grey's. i have to admit, i hated it once. being in medical world in real life, the first episode of grey's really pissed me off, because (a) i'll die if the hospital i'm always in has mcdreamy, mcsteamy, mccreamy (karev) n such. lol. (b) surgeons don't look THAT cool ahahah (c) they spend so much time in theater to go to the oncall room to make out.

but.................. then i thought, my god it's only a tv series for effing's sake. i gave the second episode another chance, and here i am... ashamed of my first impression.

Me said...

I planted my garden this past week..and I.AM.EXCITED. One of my favorites events of spring and summer! All the new growth..its great!

Carina the Blogarina said...

Hi Sheri!

I love tha garbage song. Actually, I'm was just updating my ipod and I am so happy I stopped by here to be reminded of that great song. I also like the one called paranoid!

Wendyburd1 said...

I LOVE Survivor!! I like JT too, e is cool, I would be happy if he won. I want Coach OFF but then the poor Tribal Council would have him at Ponderosa and they are having such a good time! Do you go online and watch them on Ponderosa? So cool!

Wendyburd1 said...

P.S. I gave you an award, so get to my site and grab it up!

Liz said...

So glad to hear that your flowers are growing and doing well!

I LOVE Survivor and I STILL can't thank you enough for telling me about the episodes online. I catch up on Sundays at work after my patients are in the bed. I just do not like Coach at all! I hope he gets voted off soon!

I have never see an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Nickie. said...

I'll be honest, never watched either show. But, take some pics of the sunflowers!!! =)

Emz said...

Oh I knowwwwww but wasn't it just so sweet when Izzy and Karev got married?? I wanted Karev to marry MEEEE during his vows. They were just soo sweet. But I still want mer/der to get married!