June 28, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 2 “Keep This Party Going”

This episode of True Blood starts off where it left off last week – Eric dripping with blood after he killed a human who committed crimes against vampires and Lafayette is watching him in the dungeon area. Eric is more concerned with blood in his hair – which is why Pam ends up cutting it for him this season.

Bill and Sookie have makeup sex and talk about things in their relationship that bother them.

Eric chats with Lafayette about what he can get out of him about his crimes against vampires (dealing V blood). However, he doesn’t know much and mentioning it might be Jason Stackhouse who killed the vampire doesn’t do Eric any good either (because he finds Sookie much too valuable to do anything to Jason right now). So, back to the dungeon he goes.

Speaking of Jason, he went to the Fellowship of the Sun camp. It is like some religious cult and I found it rather disturbing that adults (18-30 probably) are going to “camp.” He wins stuff and looks like he captures the eye of Mrs. Newly – the wife of the reverend and spokesman of the group (now that his father died). I find this whole storyline to be lame and awkward.

Jessica’s parents think she is kidnapped or ran away or something and are all over the news. Obviously they don’t know she was turned into a vampire. Sookie feels terrible about this because she thinks it was her fault. Which, really it was. Bill wouldn’t have killed Long Shadow if he wasn’t going to kill Sookie and then he wouldn’t have had to go to the vampire hearing and turn Jessica into a vampire.

Sookie takes Jessica to see her family – as long as she doesn’t let them see her. However, she is a new vampire and can’t control her impulses yet and she runs to their door. Her mom invites her in and she is happy to see them until her dad gets there (who used to abuse her) and now she wants revenge. Bill gets there and sends Sookie away so he can “fix” this. But, how will he “fix” it?

MaryAnn is tormenting Sam at his bar with all of her maenad qualities. Interesting storyline with her that I actually like seeing more of because she was actually in the book too.

Sookie asks Tara to move in with her, but Tara doesn’t give her an answer yet. She probably doesn’t want to leave MaryAnn’s yet because she has everything weirdly taken care of for her there and she doesn’t have to pay anything.

Eric asks Bill for Sookie’s help with a case in Dallas – out of respect. However, Bill objects and Eric of course doesn’t accept that as a correct response and walks away. He’ll do what he wants with or without Bill’s approval.

Lafayette finds a way to escape while the vampires are sleeping, but one of their minions ends up shooting him in the leg before he can get away. Poor Lafayette. Eric, Pam and Chow are not happy with him at all – will they eat him or turn him (as he asked them to do)?

*Sorry this post is late, I’ll do Episode 3 after the show or on Monday!*


TeeTee said...

sounds awesome!

Carina the Blogarina said...

I heard this show is doing really good over there, will be fun to see it makes it here to!

Andhari said...

Seriously this show is getting hardcore and hardcore each time. I like!

Lucky Irish Gal said...

I read that the ratings are over 150% better this year than season one. Yay! Should mean more seasons to come.

Nickie. said...

Again wish I had this channel so that I could watch it! =(