June 29, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 3 “Scratches”

This episode starts off with Bill driving Sookie and Jessica away from Jessica’s parents house after he glamoured them to not remembering they were there. Bill and Sookie get into a big fight and she gets out of the car and storms off into the woods.

Since I’ve read the books, I know that the creature that comes after her and slashes her back in the woods is the maenad – MaryAnn. It didn’t all play out quite like this in the books though, so who knows?

Bill takes Sookie to Fangtasia to get treatment for her back because his blood couldn’t cure her. That is where we meet Dr. Ludwig (who was also in the books a few times too). She helps Sookie but is unable to fully heal her after the poison is out so Sookie drinks more of Bill’s blood. Yum!

When she wakes up she finds herself at Fangtasia and in one of their red shirts. She sees the girl from the first season who she had to interrogate and who shot Lafayette this season. She hears her say in her head something about Lafayette being in the basement. Naturally, this infuriates Sookie and she just has to find a way to get him out of there!

Eric is actually in quite a few scenes lately. This makes me very happy! I think it will continue, or at least I hope so. Eric doesn’t want to let Lafayette leave, but he agrees to if Sookie goes to Dallas with him on the matter of the missing vampire. Bill naturally has to go along too and she gets $10,000. Not a bad deal at all!

Jessica leaves Bill’s house to go to Merlotte’s and meets Hoyt Fortenberry (Jason’s bestfriend). He didn’t realize she was a vampire at first, but he thinks it is cool and really likes her. I thought she was going to feed on him, but she doesn’t. I think they could make a really cute couple on the show – if one of them doesn’t die or something.

Jason is still at the weird church camp and is falling in with the lead people even more. I wonder how far they are going to take all of this?

Tara finally realizes that something is wrong with the “scene” at MaryAnn’s after a very rowdy party that almost turns into an alcoholic orgy. So, does this mean she will move in with Sookie now? I hope so! She needs another human around her after her Gran died.

The new girl that is working at Merlotte’s is shown at the end getting in to skinny dip with Sam – and we all see those familiar scratches that were on Sookie’s back on her back too.

No new episode next week, but the week after there is a new one! Who-oo!


Jillene said...

I SO need HBO!! UGH!!

Andhari said...

I'm still in the first season, remind me, who's mary-ann?

Bobby G said...

GREAT SHOW!!!!!! Cant wait for Sundays NOW!!!

Shannon said...

O - M - G. I had no idea that creature might be Maryanne! I wonder if they will keep that the same?!

Sheri said...

Sundays are great again hehe!

MaryAnn is the Maenad but isn't seen until the end of the 1st season - she is the one who causes Tara to crash and then she helps to get her out of jail.

Lucy said...

I don't watch the show BUT I am hearing so much about it, I'm good things, I'm thinking I just might have to check it out!