May 18, 2010

Computer Memories

Do you remember the first time you got a computer? I was pretty young, probably in 6th grade and it was a Tandy. Yeah, if I hadn’t had that one I wouldn’t have ever heard of them either.

Before then, I remember in Elementary School there was a HUGE computer in this room which didn’t really do too much for its immense size. Then there was a computer lab with Apple computers which I remember the teacher in there put little mouse ears on the computer mouse. I loved playing Oregon Trail.

In Jr High, my Dad bought a better computer for the house. One that I could actually do homework on and we had AOL. Remember those dial up days? Not fun!

In High School, we had cable internet – Road Runner. I loved it. Somehow, it is the fastest connection we’ve had (and that was awhile ago). DSL is just not good here, as I’ve said before. My Dad also bought me a very good computer (though the monitor was huge) to take me through college with.

You know how computers go, and during college I ended up with a Sony Vaio laptop in my 2nd year. That was a great computer, but it also didn’t last too long. The video card wasn’t very good, but I had cool laptop accessories. I had to buy a cute bag for it to go into you know?

Then after I graduated college, I bought a HP with a LCD screen monitor (my first) – 15inch one at that. I even managed to upgrade the video card myself – yeah, that was kind of scary.

I used that and my laptop for a long time, until the dreaded death of the laptop (it makes lots of noise and is very slow), followed a few years later by the death of the HP computer after vicious malware killed it.

Now I’m using a Dell laptop which was bought last summer. It is actually really quite good. Sure, the video card isn’t top of the line, but it works well enough for me, for now.

I am eyeing a new PC – with blu-ray and a great HD video card, etc. However, I think I’m going to put off buying until the prices go down just a bit.

So, that is my life with computers. What has yours been like? I’d love to hear your stories about the technology that we use daily.

* This is a paid post. All opinions expressed are my own and I wasn’t paid to write about it positively.


Kristina P. said...

We only became laptop owners, about a year ago. We used a giant PC, up until then.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I remember when I first got an AOL screen name in 6th great...I was beyond excited!! I always stayed up late on our HUGE desktop to be in chat rooms with all my friends.

Adoption of Jane said...

HAHA I remember AOL was so cool back then!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember how cool AOL was! For like a trillion years I"ve just been using computers my rents have. Now , I have my very own Netbook and its the really crappy cheap kind.

But I only goof on the interwebz so its okay. =)

Anonymous said...

Our first laptop was a Sony Viao back in 1998. Dial up.... slow as Moses! In 2001 my husband got me a new Viao desktop. No sooner than I loaded all my pictures onto it, it crashed. I lost everything! I was VERY mad! Sony & Microdeath were very unsympathetic! I told my husband thanks but no thanks! He packed it up and went out and bought me a Mac. I've been a Mac user ever since!