May 16, 2010

Fake Fashion Show, Random Updates & Awards

Fake Fashion Show
I guess I will start with last weekend. If you follow me on Twitter, perhaps you noticed I won tickets to a fashion show in Atlanta, GA last Saturday. I won them from our local ABC station.

It was at a very nice hotel in Atlanta, on a roof-top lounge. Ever watch The Bachelor? (I hate that show) The lounge looked like a place they’d go on one of their group dates. So the big draw to get people there I guess was saying it was a fashion show for one of the guys from Project Runway.

Well, the event, called “Cocktails & Couture” was supposed to be from 7-9pm. We waited around and finally the guy shows up at like 8:45 and he gets some award from the hotel or something and then takes pictures with the mob of people around him. No fashion show. So, we left.

Really disappointing, but we still had fun people watching, having some drinks and some free fancy/expensive food that I would never buy otherwise (most was not very good).

I would post a picture, but the angles the couches are at, the bad lighting, etc makes for really lousy pictures apparently and most didn’t turn out at all.

Overall, it was a major fail.

I’ve gotten a few questions about how I did in school for Spring semester. I thought I posted about it (or maybe I just tweeted it). Anyways, I ended up making an A in Psychology and a B in Biology. :) I’m pretty happy about it. Of course I would have loved to have gotten both As, but I will take the B (that teacher was crazy hard).

Feng Shui
I’m usually a really organized person. However, the past few months/year I’ve let things slide a bit more than I normally would have. I’ve been reading a Feng Shui book (will do review soon) and have completely reorganized my closets. I found stuff in there I completely forgot I had, and really it is like shopping for free! Love it!

Also will be working on the rest of my room and the house. Major undertaking.

Lucy – Thank you so much for giving me these awards! I love getting awards and try posting them on here when I get them, even if I don’t end up doing all the rules and such (like today).

If you don’t already read and follow Lucy, I suggest all who are reading this go read her now – she is funny, very real and I think you’ll love reading all her posts too.


Kristina P. said...

Congrats on your great grades!

Andhari said...

What? No fashion show after all? What a bunch of losers for them to do that to you guys, after you had anticipated it like that :( aww, you'll go to cooler events, I'm sure.

Good job on the grades!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your grades! =) And that sucks about the fashion show, at least it was free!

Lucy said...

You did post about school, way to go!!!

No fashion show??? That is a rip off, even if it was for free, you ended up spending some money and you were lured there under false pretenses, yuck!

Glad you got the awards up, I know how you feel about the rules, they are not so fun but the bling is great!!!!
Thanks for the kind words and shout out!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your grades and the awards! Sorry about the show! That wasn't very nice of them!