May 12, 2010

True Blood Minisode 3: Sookie, Tara and Lafayette

True Blood Minisode 3 featuring Sookie, Tara and Lafayette was released!

They still aren’t letting us embed from their website on this one either, so go to their website at to view it yourself. Maybe because there are some curse words in it? You’re warned!

This minisode took place before the ending of last season’s finale when Bill and Sookie went to the French restaurant and he was vampnapped (like kidnapped, but he’s a vampire – get it?) while she was in the bathroom.

If you watched this, do you notice where they are leading Tara’s character this season? Now, I’m just guessing here – but it looks like she is going to go the “anti-vampire” route and will probably fight with Sookie a lot this season. She really shouldn’t be so judgmental being that she was heavily involved with Maryann the maenad last season and did some pretty awful things herself.

I hope there is at least one more minisode featuring Eric, but that is probably false hope. Speaking of, I changed my desktop wallpaper to have him on it. Yum!


Melanie's Randomness said...

I can't get enough of these!! I love True Blood!! I can't wait to watch this when i get home!!!

Sheri said...

Same! I pre-ordered season 2 too lol

Andhari said...

Tara really is one of the most annoying characters in True Blood. She has no class and incredibly judgmental not to mention no principles.