May 19, 2010

Decorating with Rugs

One of my favorite ways to add color or an interesting design aspect to a room (especially on a tile or hardwood floor) is to use rugs.

I bought one when I was in college (the first time) for a steal! Seriously, discount area rugs are the way to go. I bought my $800 brand new rug for a mere $49.99. If designer shoes went for this kind of a discounted price I’d be doomed (but in heaven).

Do you have any nice rugs used just for decorating? What is your favorite way to add color or design into a room? Any favorite colors you like to decorate with?

* This is a paid post. All opinions expressed are my own and I wasn’t paid to write about it positively.


Anonymous said...

We have rugs as a cheap way instead of carpet.

They do add to a room instantly and change the feel of it as well.

Andhari said...

we use both carpet and rugs in my house. They really spice up any room! :)

Anonymous said...

We have a set of matching oriental rugs throughout our house. We only have carpet in the bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

I love that pic. I'm not a big rug person, esp after having hardwood floors in our house since I could remember.

Plus, I'd be way too picky.