May 2, 2010

True Blood – Minisode 1: Fangtasia Tryouts!

As a True Blood fangirl (is that a proper saying?) who would love to have Eric all to herself, I have to let everyone who craves True Blood know about the new True Blood Minisodes on HBO.

This minisode is at my favorite spot in the series – Fangtasia! Plus it features Eric and Pam – two of my favorite vampires around!

A new minisode will be posted to each week leading up to the premiere of Season 3 on June 13. I think they also will be airing after the reruns starting tonight too, I’ll let you know (check in the comment section)!

I’m so excited to see the rest (and of course Season 3) I’m even wearing my Fangtasia panties – yup you read that right!


Miel Abeille said...

Just so you know, I'd fight you for Eric!

Sheri said...

Minisodes ARE aird on HBO. This first one was aired after tonight's episode. Yay!

I wonder if they will be on the Season 2 DVD? I hope so!

Miel - lol not a problem!

Turning the Clock Back said...

thanks for the friday follow! Following you back (a little late!) Hope you had a good weekend!


Design it Chic said...

Just following you back from Friday Follow! Thanks for following me:)

learnxtoxfly said...

Awesome! I know how much you love your true blood.

Andhari said...

Ohhh yummmmm. Eric is a hottie!

Melanie's Randomness said...

AWESOME!! I recently joined in on the True Blood fun, so this minisode made my heart happy! Eric is so hawt!

btw the Season 2 DVD comes out May 25th girl!