May 24, 2012

Discover Atlantis by Diana Cooper

Discover Atlantis by Diana Cooper is a book that was channeled, so it isn’t a science-fact book about Atlantis. Maybe those books will be available one day when it is discovered, for now though – this one reveals how things could have been in Atlantis.

Book Description
World-renowned author Diana Cooper, with spiritual consultant Shaaron Hutton, brings you a comprehensive and compelling guide to the ancient and mysterious civilization of Atlantis. For the 1,500 years of the Atlantean Golden Age, the spiritual level of the planet was the highest it has ever been; people enjoyed incredible psychic gifts as well as technological and spiritual powers beyond our current comprehension. Here you will learn all aspects of the fascinating and inspiring lives of the Atlanteans, from their social structures to their extraordinary technology to their beliefs and practices including the tools they used, most of which are still available today. With guidance on how to understand the profound truths of the Atlantean culture, and special exercises – some practiced by the High Priests and Priestesses themselves – Discover Atlantis enables you to apply the wisdom and power of this most spiritually enlightened time and place to your own life today.” – Discover Atlantis

My Thoughts
Discover Atlantis covers such a large variety of how the civilization was, according to the information channeled by Diana Cooper and Shaaron Hutton. It covers how Atlantis began and was populated, how daily life was like, what the homes and buildings were like, how the people worked together, how people were healed with crystals and sound, and much more.

This book doesn’t just detail what Atlantis was like, but it also includes meditation exercises and things you can do to help you better attune yourself spiritually, and with the energy from Atlantis. I didn’t do all of them, but the ones I did I quite enjoyed. Diana Cooper also has meditation CDs which you could use to accompany this book.

Atlantis has always been a huge fascination of mine, and since I do believe in past lives, I am quite certain that I had (at least) a few lives in Atlantis. I understand that not everyone believes in the myth surrounding Atlantis, so for those people, this is obviously not a book that you’d find worth your time reading. However, if you do enjoy reading more about the possibility of what Atlantis was like, or if you too thought you had a past life there, I strongly suggest you to read this book.

* Thank you to the publisher of Discover Atlantis, Findhorn Press, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Lei said...

I also have a strong connection to Atlantis for some reason maybe I was there once before too? Sounds like a very interesting book that I would enjoy to read.

Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds interesting!

Cici Hart said...

Very cool topic to explore!