May 23, 2012

The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber is a beautiful deck of tarot cards. It also includes a 192 page guidebook that is 5 ½ x 9 inches, which details the meaning of the card and also enchantments for each card so you can take your reading to the next level.

The Enchanted Tarot is for everyone who loves fantasy and fairytales. Amy Zerner's visionary art makes the deck a magical experience to use. Each of the seventy-eight cards is a richly detailed miniature work of art in Amy's award-winning tapestry collage style. 

Based on the ancient traditions of the tarot, this contemporary oracle is a remarkable system for self-counseling and understanding. Used with the accompanying book by Monte Farber, The Enchanted Tarot can illuminate and inspire our innermost being and will allow any seeker of guidance direct access to the wisdom of his or her Higher Self. The book includes an interpretation of each card along with 'Preparation for a Reading', 'Using the Enchantments', 'The One Card Technique', 'The Three Level Spread' and 'The Celtic Cross Spread'. Everything you need to conduct a reading for yourself or someone else is included, so you can start having fun right away.” – The Enchanted Tarot

My Thoughts
The Enchanted Tarot is one of the most visually appealing tarot decks I have used. The images on the cards are all fluid and beautiful. Amy Zerner is a fantastic artist! It looks like she did them in a mixed media fashion, and it honestly inspires me to want to make similar artwork.

The guidebook is also a nice size and really details the meaning behind all of the cards. Most tarot or oracle decks have a small guidebook with just general meanings to the cards. I love that this one is so detailed and also gives an “enchantment” for each card that can be used in addition to just the reading.

The only thing I wish was a little bit different is the length of the tarot cards. They are just a little bit too long for me shuffle easily. I don’t have big hands, so it made it a little awkward for me to shuffle. However, after I shuffled the deck many times (and did quite a few readings), it wasn’t as big of an issue.

I really enjoy using this tarot deck and highly recommend it to everyone who also reads tarot cards. If you want to start reading them, I also think that this deck would be a wonderful one to start with because the guidebook makes it is so easy to learn how to read them.

* Big thank you to the publisher of The Enchanted Tarot, Connections, for providing me with a copy of this set for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Mandy said...

Those cards look beautiful from the cover of the deck. I wanted to get some cards after I had a reading done awhile ago but never got around to it yet. I will be keeping this deck in mind and hope to get it after summer class is over.

Anonymous said...

I collect tarot cards and actually don't have this one but will be getting soon!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good deck!

Lei said...

Pretty deck of cards for readings!

Cici Hart said...

I love doing readings and this looks like a very nice deck to get!