May 27, 2012

A Game of Thrones – War

Tonight’s episode of A Game of Thrones titled “Blackwater” is what Season One and Season Two have been leading up to: War! Sure there have been some battles and the North seems to be doing well, but now it has reached King’s Landing. Stannis attacks the Lannisters, and if it is anything like the book series, this is going to be an episode full of fiery action.

Check out the preview for tonight’s Game of Thrones episode:

I have enjoyed this season so far. There are more changes from the book series than there was in Season One. However, I don’t really mind. There are some things that would just take too long to have to explain and play out on the screen for it to come through to have viewers understand that haven’t read the books. I’ve read on many forums for the series that they hate the changes or they whine about what they haven’t done. They can’t please everyone, so just enjoy it already and quit whining. At least it was put into an HBO series!


Marc said...

Agreed. Can't wait for tonight's episode and also for what will happen to Joffrey eventually. muahahaha

Steph said...

Great episode but the finale looks even better!