May 4, 2012

The White Magic Book by Mrs. John Le Breton

The White Magic Book by Mrs. John Le Breton was first published in 1919. This edition published by Red Wheel has the introduction written by Monte Farber, who does a very good job explaining what the book is and why it is so great. Fortune telling for yourself and friends or family is actually quite easy with this book, and more fun than you realize at first – because it really does work (at least it did for me)!

Book Description
A mysterious book with a mysterious past, first published in 1919, The White Magic Book serves up answers to life's daily questions. "This book," Farber writes in the Introduction, "is your personal, portable shrine, twenty-four-hour medium, and in it is the answer to your every question. All you have to do is use it with sincerity and an open mind, and you will be truly surprised and delighted to experience moments of synchronicity on a daily basis."

The White Magic Book is like the Internet. There's information out there to be had, and this wonderful little book helps us to access it. Although the questions and answers are written in the language of the early 20th century, like a lovely piece of china from another era, they are as meaningful today as they were then. We may now hear good news from far away not by post but by e-mail. There is nothing dated about the advice to pay attention, have a sense of humor, and find a suitable career.

The White Magic Book is simple to use: pick a question, let your finger fall to a symbol on the Table of Jupiter, and find the corresponding answer.” – The White Magic Book

My Thoughts
The White Magic Book is a handy little oracle or fortune telling book that is so fun to use. Of course before you jump right into figuring out your future, you do have to read about the book to be sure to use it correctly. If you don’t, all of the symbols and numbers won’t mean much to you, and you won’t use it right. Don’t worry though – it isn’t that much to read and the information covered in it (including the introduction) is very enjoyable to read.

The pre-selected questions were originally written in 1919, but they can still be adjusted to work in modern times. When I used the book to ask questions about situations popping up in my life, I didn’t have any issues finding a similar question that would work with it.

The answers to the questions that you can select for each question would be hard to pre-select before you flipped to the corresponding page, so each one is honestly not going to be unconsciously chosen by you when picking out the symbol (especially if you pick the symbol with your eyes closed). I found this process to be fun and unique and looked forward to finding my fortune on the pages.

I really enjoyed this fortune telling book experience and highly recommend it for anyone who likes books like these. It would also make a very cool birthday present for people who also like items such as this as well.

* Thank you to the publisher of The White Magic Book, Red Wheel, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Anonymous said...

I am so going to buy this book!

Mandy said...

This sounds o so fun!

Steph said...

Very cool book!

George Taylor said...

I've converted this book into an App.
It's available on iTunes only for iOS devices under the name "White Magic".

George Taylor said...

I've converted this book into an App.
It was just screaming out for someone to put it's touch (Jupiter) tablet onto a touch screen device.
So much easier to use than the book, I use it a lot myself. (Got 2 copies of the book, one is a 1st edition).
App is on iTunes and iOS only under the name "White Magic"