May 6, 2012

Water Leaks and Final Exams – Not a Good Combo

Last week (on Friday to be exact) a water pipe burst behind the wall in my bathroom. I live in a 2 story house, and the bathroom is on the 2nd floor. This means that the water was coming out everywhere upstairs by it and then falling down from the ceiling on the first floor. It was literally raining from the ceiling in the hallway and parts of the living room. Talk about scary!

Of course I was home alone when this all happened, and I have never had this happen before, so I wasn’t really sure what to do. Also, the new “electronic” meter was installed for the water line and there was no way I could shut the water off. I even called the water company and they told me I couldn’t do anything and not to mess with the electronic meter thing (not that I could pry it open anyways). If it was so electronic, why can’t they just turn it off from their end “electronically”? Sometimes the new technology forced upon us is in fact much worse than it was before.

So I was filling up trash cans and plastic bins, trying to soak up areas with towels and moving things away from the water for almost an hour before someone was able to come out and turn the water off “electronically.” I was in water up to my ankles in places and water was pouring from the light fixture in the hallway like it was a faucet! I was seriously afraid of being electrocuted.

Sure, now it sounds like a funny episode of “The Middle” or something, but it was really scary.

Our insurance agent lady sent out people from ServPro to come help get rid of the water and dry up everything. It was a huge mess. It took like 5 days to dry out the carpet and drywalls. Bad damage overall and all of our carpet is being replaced, with hopefully the hardwood laminate. I hate carpet and honestly if this ever happens again, carpet is terrible to have to get dry. I never want carpet in my life again.

As with all home repairs and insurance issues, things take time and as of right now, nothing is set for the actual repairs. We’ve packed up some rooms, moved things, found damaged items, etc. Hopefully it gets started soon because living in all of this chaos is not fun.

Last week was also final exams for me. I had 3 to take and even though I didn’t really have to do super great on them to keep my A’s, I still always try my best. Studying while fans are blowing loudly and everything is crazy isn’t easy.

So far 2 of the 3 grades are posted, and I did make A’s in those classes. I’m also quite sure that I got an A in the 3rd, but that professor takes longer than most to actually grade papers, so I didn’t really think that the final exam would be much different. It’s okay though because I am sure I did very well on the test.

I’m taking 2 classes this summer and then I’ll be completely finished with all of the pre-requisite courses needed for nursing at the university I’m going to. This means I’ll be going to actual nursing school (finally) in Spring of next year. Yay!


Mandy said...

OMG! So sorry to hear about the water issue! I had that happen once when I was a kid and it ruined so much stuff! It made for a good time to get rid of items though and we got new flooring too so it isn't all bad at least!!!

Kristina P. said...

Oh my goodness! I would totally freak out. Glad it's under control!

Sheri said...

Thanks Mandy and Kristina. Yeah, I am very glad it is mostly under control now. All we're doing now is just trying to get everything together (and packed) for the repair jobs. :)

Anonymous said...

I found this from doing a search on water falling from the ceiling! Sorry to find your bad fortune but hopefully it all gets better. BTW Do you have any pictures from the water falling? I need one for what I'm working on.

Steph said...

Terrible news but as others say it could be good news too in the end result of it all. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...


Cici Hart said...

Sorry to hear about this. Hope you did okay on the exams!

Darryl Iorio said...

Water leaks and final exams certainly make a bad combination! Instead of reviewing for the exam, you get yourself busy worrying about fixing the water leak in your bathroom. Anyway, how’d you shut off the water pipe? In case of leaking pipes, shutting the valve is one of the first things to do to stop the water from being wasted.

Althea Tumlin said...

Oh, aside from diverting your attention from your exams, that leak also gave you a lot of housework to do. That also happened to me last year. Because of the water leaks, I had to move some of my things in order to prevent them from getting wet. Urgh, that was indeed a headache!