February 25, 2009

ABC’s Tag + Twilight Quiz

Andhari tagged me to play this and it looks fun, so here you go!

The rules are :
1. To each letter of the alphabet, write a word connected to you.
2. Tag 6 people.

A – actress. I want to get into acting.
B – blogging. It is fun!
C – celebrity. Okay, I want to be!
D – dreamer.
E – eco-friendly. Go green!
F – friendly.
G – gossip. I love celebrity gossip.
H – haute couture. Maybe when I’m a celebrity I’ll have some.
I – internet. Love the internet!
J – jabber. I can be known to talk a lot about nothing at all.
K – kind. Usually I am quite a kindhearted person.
L – love. All we need is love.
M – music. I almost always have my iPod with me.
N – novels. I love to read.
O – organized. I try to be organized.
P – paranormal. I love the paranormal. I am also a paranormal investigator.
Q – quiet. I can be rather quiet.
R – Robert Pattinson. My celeb-crush right now.
S – Sheri. It is my name after all.
T – Twilight. Love the series and the movie!
U – Universal Studios. This is my favorite theme park.
V – vampires. I have a thing for vampire books and movies.
W – waffles. One of the breakfast foods I actually like.
X – X-Men. Loved the movies though I never read the comics.
Y – yeah. I say “yeah” a lot.
Z – zoom-zoom. I like to drive fast.

Now it's your turn to make one. If you weren’t tagged, feel free to do it if you want too!

I’m tagging: Lee, Liz, Freyenator, The Garver Family, Nickie, Jenny Beans

I also took this Twilight Quiz..... if you take it too, which did you turn out to be most like?

I'm a Alice! I found out through TwilightersAnonymous.com. Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!


Jillene said...

How fun!! I like blogging and I drive too fast too!!

BIBI said...

Looks like fun! Do you mind if I tag along and do the ABC's tag?

I have no idea what I'll turn out to be like if I do the Twilight Quiz because I have no idea about the characters except the lead actor. But I'll give it a try!

Thanks for sharing Sheri!

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Paula said...

I'm an Esme. I haven't read Twilight so I don't even know what that means. Probably an older, boring character who is a home body. LOL!

I wish they'd asked about height ... I do know from a tiny bit of research that Alice is 4'10"! Just like me :)

It was a fun quiz.

insomniaclolita said...

I love myself some haute couture please haha

Anonymous said...

How fun! Thanks for tagging me to do it.

The Garver Family said...

Hey, thanks for tagging me. I'm sure I'll find something for each letter...but won't be nearly as creative as you. I'll probably even end up using some of your answers as my own! :)

Lee said...

My friends call me "Alice" because I set up their whole engagement.
I love that nickname.

Nickie. said...

So, I will not be blogging (yet) about the crappy events that happened last evening at dinner with BP. The cliff notes version is he bascially is too young for a huge commitment right now, he just wants to do his "young" thing, but he (at the moment) still wants to be with me. He can't give me a timetable, but thinks around the summer he might be ready for this commitment. So, no more blogs about him, mainly because he reads them. I'm doing fine btw, was a little hurt in the beginning, but I'm ok, we're "friends" for the moment. Better than nothing.