February 13, 2009

Flashback Friday – Slap Bracelets

One of my favorite fashion accessories growing up as a kid was the fun slap bracelets. I had quite a few of these slap happy bracelets. They were one of those fads that were popular in the early 1990s with kids and teenagers.

If you weren’t around for this particular fad in fashion or don’t remember it, these bracelets were made out of flexible stainless steel with bistable spring bands sealed within a fabric cover. They could be straightened out and then slapped onto the wrist or wherever you wanted to put them. It was fun.

Parents and teachers mostly didn’t like them because they were annoying when kids slapped each other with them constantly. They began to be banned from schools because some of these bracelets were defective and caused injuries due to improper use.

You can still buy these fun little bracelets on average of 99 cents each. Just do a search for “Slap Bracelets” or check them out at partypalooza where I got this image from.

Questions For You:
1. Do you remember back when the slap bracelets were really popular?
2. What did you think of them?
3. Did you own any of these bracelets?
4. Do you think they will ever come back in style?


Sara said...

I thought those were so cool

insomniaclolita said...

Oh this brings back memories of good old elementary school :)

Nickie. said...

Those things are awesome! Idk, they mite come back..I was just in Forever 21 last nite and was surprised by what they had for the spring! Bright blue jeans with a racerback style tank top,those strange scraves and huge sunglasses. Those slap bracelets would fit in just nicely!

Bobby G said...

OK! thoseshould have been called wrist slicers! who knew the magnet underneath was a RAZORBLADE! theyd cut the CRAP outta you!

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

Oh yeah - they're BACK!!!

My 7yr old and all his classmates are hooked.

They aren't furry though, like MINE were in high school.

Lee said...

I loved slap bracelets!
Until I hit myself in the face with one. Those things were dangerous!

Anonymous said...

I remember them but never had one.

Sheri said...

Razorblades in them? Eeep. Good thing I never tore mine apart or anything.

The Garver Family said...

They went out of style? I never knew...maybe I shouldn't wear mine anymore then, either that or I'll be the one to single handedly bring them back!

Jenny Beans said...

My younger sister's generation had more fun with those than my generation... though actually, I think we had fun torturing her by "slapping" them on her all the time. Poor sister. We were so mean to her.

Lucky Irish Gal said...

I owned so many slap bracelets. My favorite was this one made out of some sort of holographic type paper. They became banned at my school. If you had one with you it could get you suspended.