February 12, 2009

Vampires Woke Me Up!

I usually don’t remember my dreams, or at least not ones I want to remember. Generally I dream early in the morning, way before I ever want to wake up.

This morning at around 4AM though, I had a dream about vampires. It was good enough for me to run it over in my head for about an hour (I might have dozed back asleep too, but I’m not sure). I debated on if I should just go back to sleep or wake up and type out what I dreamt.

I heard my dad downstairs already making coffee, so I figured I may as well get some coffee and start typing. I really should have just started typing because I think I forgot some of the dream. I changed some parts that didn’t really make sense when I was typing it too. I managed to get 3 full pages typed. It has the dream and notes about it.

It is sort of funny that I dream about vampires this morning. I really haven’t read Twilight or anything for a week or so. No vampire movies either. I did focus on trying to dream about something interesting last night though. I wanted something fun to write about. Not that my book I’m writing now isn’t fun, I just wanted something else to write about too. Well, I got it!

I’m not sure exactly when I’ll really start writing my new story. Oh, also it really has nothing to do with the Twilight vampires; I just like the picture so I had to use it for a Blog post. This one seemed to fit it. :)


Bobby G said...

Ive been watching the Wire a lot lately because I got netflix and always wanted to see it, but didnt want to start in like season 3, I had a wire dream last night! lol

Lee said...

You just reminded me that I haven't read twilight in a while.
Huh. This feels weird.

Sheri said...

@ Bobby G - What is the Wire about? I haven't heard of it before.

@ Lee - LOL! Yeah I think I am gonna read Midnight Sun (the part Stephanie put on her website) and then maybe read the series again... lol I can't wait to get my special DVD already GRR!

insomniaclolita said...

thats your subconscious calling hot vampires lol

Liz said...

Glad that you were able to remember your dream. I have dreamed some good stuff before then when I go to tell Bryan about it I can't rememeber anything. I can only remember a jumbled up mess of it.

Sheri said...

@ Andhari - Wonder if my subconscious has a straight link to Robert Pattinson? If so... :P

@ Liz - I was scared I'd completely forget everything if I went back to sleep for good. This was a pretty good dream so I just knew I had to get up and write it down. :) Glad I did too.

Ashlee K. said...

I want to hear about this dream!

Sheri said...

Not sure I am ready to be revealing the dream quite yet. :) I'll post more on when/if I do though.