February 20, 2009

The Real Rihanna “After” Photo

For about a week or so a fake picture of Rihanna has been circulating the internet that was really just a photoshopped picture of her claiming it was how she looked after she was beat up “allegedly” by Chris Brown.

This is the real picture of how she looked after the incident took place earlier this month. TMZ got the photo from a leak in the LAPD somehow. View it here at Rihanna – The Face of a Battered Woman. The LAPD also released this statement which they do not deny it being Rihanna and they are looking to possibly fire the person who leaked it, if they can figure out who did.

I second Perez Hilton in saying that we should boycott Chris Brown. I personally never bought any of his songs, and I am in no way ever doing so in the future. I hope the case against him is strong and they make an example out of him. Doing this to any woman should not be overlooked!


Bobby G said...

HA! I blogged about the same thing!

Lee said...

I really hate Chris Brown now. As I'm sure most of America does.

Rihanna was never a bad girl. You never hear about her out drinking or doing drugs. She's never flashing her crotch. She was the golden girl. And then he does this and wrecks her face for a while.
And probably her self confidence. If someone did that to me I couldn't be in the public eye.

BIBI said...

Wow, Sheri. I just posted about domestic violence the other day and the long term affects that it has on the individual or indidviduals if children are involved.

I am with you on boycotting Chris Brown. I am so glad that I never found his CD in Wally World to buy for my daughter.

The pain that Rihanna is going through must be horrendous. i will never look at Chris brown the same way again. And he is 50 minutes from my home. Shucks, why do I get to live near the most hated man in America right now?

Lamont said...

I used to work for an agency that helped people in abusive circumstances. It saddens me that abuse continues to effect so many people's lives. The famous and the not famous need abuse to STOP!

Anonymous said...

It's all very sad! I just hope that she stays away from him.

Carina the Blogarina said...

I am not saying what he did isn't bad because it is - but he is young. He should be given a second chance, a chance to be a better person. Everybody makes mistakes. I don't see how t can poosibly better the situation if the entire country hates on him..

Unbreakable said...

dam that looks scary...that dude really battered her, sun of a gun-

The Garver Family said...

Man, this just sucks rocks for both of them. But you know what...he's a grown up...he knows better.

Oh and do you know what happened to the robpattinson.blogspot.com page? It's gone...I know you posted there frequently...as do I because of my obsession with Rob. LOL