February 21, 2009

Weekend Update

Today I won’t be home much, I am going to a “mandatory meeting” with the paranormal group I am in. Why is this meeting so important? Well, we got some new equipment (woot) we need to go over and use before next weekend’s big investigation. Why is next weekend a big investigation you ask? We’re going to a place we have to pay to investigate (boo as in “that sucks” not boo as in a ghost... ghosts don’t say “boo” by the way). It is also a location that has been featured on TV and is a rather big haunted location. I’ll talk much more about this next week, after the investigation. Why not now? Well I don’t want stalkers to go searching for me and scare me. Also, it would be much cooler to tell you about it after the investigation don’t ya think?

We may or may not be going on an investigation tonight. If not, then I’ll get home early and maybe write or watch a movie. Oh the exciting life I live…

Tomorrow I plan on watching the Oscars and writing up a big blog about it as it is on. I did this with the American Music Awards last year and had fun doing it, so I figured why not? Look for it tomorrow after the Oscars is over. I’ll comment on who won, fashion, etc.

I also have news for those that wanted to know about the update to the job I applied for: I didn’t get it. Can you believe they actually sent me a rejection letter? After going in for three tests and an interview (an hour away from where I live too) they just send me a letter. Talk about rude. I would have appreciated a phone call much more than a form letter. What pricks! As I said, it wasn’t a dream job by far so I am not really all that sad about not getting it. I do need a job, but in all honesty that would have been a really crappy job for me. Regardless though, I am going to write them a letter back explaining how bad their “selection process” is and how they need to refrain from saying to people that their “personality is… okay” when theirs is clearly way below par.

On brighter news, I have 28 followers now to this lovely Blog! Yay! Thanks everyone who follows it publicly or secretly. I love you all. I hope you are all having a great weekend and blog about it so I can read and comment back!

I took a little Blog Celebrity test thing, and I am....

C-List Blogger

It is based on Technorati, so if you use that link to me or something so I can be on the A-List. LOL Just kidding - but if you want to that would rock! :)

P.S. - Does anyone know how to backup their blog on here to their PC? I'd like to know how to do it in case something happens to this. I don't want to lose all my posts. Thanks in advance if anyone knows!


The Garver Family said...

Well that's too bad about the job. Their loss.

As far as the paranormal...I can't wait to read what happens!

I sure have enjoyed reading your blog and it's definitely worth following...never doubt it. :)

Paula said...

Have fun testing out the new equipment! And congrats on your 28 followers :) We all love ya!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Just stopping by...your blogs great.

Stop by and help find Wanda?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you didn't get the job. It didn't sound like they had their stuff together anyway. Maybe you'll find something else.

Lee said...

You always say you'll tell us about the investigations, but then you say it's top secret!
It's not fair! I want in on some of the ghosty action!

insomniaclolita said...

How I want to join in your investigation ..all investigations I know I learn from Supernatural, and I bet thats not how people do those things in real life :P

Nickie. said...

Sucks you didn't get the job. =( But it leaves more time for going on investigations!

Can't wait for that post!