February 22, 2009

My New Ghost Friend

Yesterday I had the meeting with my paranormal group. We went over the new equipment which rocks by the way. We got cameras that hook up to a monitor (with a lot of cables) and we can watch them while investigating. Very similar to what you’d see on any of the TV ghost hunting shows. We also got a few other new cool things to help in investigations.

After the meeting we went to an investigation. As I’ve told you, I can’t get into too many details about the investigation. However, I can talk about some things. So I hope you enjoy what I can share with you.

I was one of the team leads again. Yay me! We investigated 3 rooms in the house. In the upstairs master bedroom was where the majority of activity took place, so I wanted to focus more time in there.

My group was sitting on the floor in the room doing an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) reading. For those that don’t know, an EVP is when we ask questions and tape it to a digital audio recording device. Often we can hear things when we play that back that we did not hear while we were there. Well, we said that if a spirit was there, it could play with my hair or touch me. It did!

I could feel it being colder behind my head and above my head and a static feeling. So I asked someone in the group to see if my hair was moving or something. They said that hairs were standing up and not just one or two, but quite a few. When I went back into that room again later, the camera picked up my hair being parted in the back. I haven’t seen this yet, but I can’t wait! If I can I will also post it here. I’ll have to see if I’m allowed to first though.

So, there is a good investigation with a personal experience involving me for ya. I hope you enjoyed reading about my night ghost hunting! I hope next weekend’s investigation goes well and nobody gets hurt or anything. I know that it will be an interesting investigation to say the least. I just hope I’m able to blog about it.


insomniaclolita said...

awww and because you're pretty too.:) The picture of Casper is very appropriate lol. Hope you cou;d write more about it. I'm curious. Scared, of course, but curious.

Melanie:) said...

Oh my Gosh, I am so freaked out!
I can't wait to see the videos!

Jenny Beans said...

Great story! I want to get involved with a group in our area. I have had so many personal experiences in my lifetime that getting involved as an investigator just seems like the right step. I hope you're able to share the video, and if so, I can't wait to see it!

Nickie. said...

That's awesome. The ghost hearts you for being awesome too!!

Mary Ann Moreno-binuya said...

tell a story about your ghost quest. Good luck!

Lucky Irish Gal said...

I NEED to know more. My curiosity is killing me.