February 17, 2009

The Bachelor

I’m a selective fan of the reality TV show The Bachelor. Some seasons I watch, some I don’t. Besides what it may seem like, The Bachelor is more than just wine, good looking people, candles, fireplaces, more wine, bikinis, love, more wine and um… wine.

This season The Bachelor has Jason Mesnick from last season’s The Bachelorette. He is a father to an adorable little boy named Ty. I really wanted him to be the one formor Bachelorette DeAnna picked at the end. However, she picked Jesse and it didn’t end up working out (no surprise there).

Anyways, I’ve seen every episode (some fast forwarded through in many parts) from this season. They cast some real weird ladies including one who was practically a Jason stalker. I think her name was Shannon. Another weird one was Erica who filled the bitch role nicely. They always have to cast one loud bitchy drunk ya know?

I really liked Stephanie, a mom of a little girl who is a widow. Her story was very touching and she really does seem like a very nice sweet woman. However, he let her go.

Last night’s episode was the one where they go on the vacation – to New Zealand! He is now down to three ladies: Molly, Melissa and Jill.

Jason picked Jill up in a helicopter for their date. How cool would that be? Very! He then had a picnic for them setup on the edge of a cliff. Very romantic, though I couldn’t help but thinking “what if they had to use the bathroom out in the middle of nowhere?” Then they got all dressed up for more wine at a winery. Fitting location and it was really pretty. She finally tells Jason just how crazy she is about him and he just kisses her. After the make-out session, he gives her the Fantasy Suite card. That means they can go “spend the night together in a fantasy suite.” Mmmhmmm. More wine followed (of course) and more making out in the hot tub surrounded by candles.

Molly (aka. Ms. Burberry) had the next date. They went bungee jumping together and then had a lunch where Molly asked Jason 20 questions. Then they dressed up for more wine and another romantic fireplace area. Awkward conversation where she tells him how much she loves him. Then guess what time it is? Fantasy suite time! They had a bubble bath and of course more wine.

Melissa didn’t get to have her family meet Jason from her hometown visit because they didn’t approve of the show or were camera-shy. For their date they went out on a boat on a lake. By this time Jason was looking tired and unshaven. Then they went to a hot pool overlooking beautiful scenery. They of course had wine there too. Then they dressed up and had a romantic dinner with more wine. This lead to fantasy suite round 3!

Wow. Jason really gets around. Did he have sex with all of them?

Jason doesn’t tell any of them (at least not that they showed) how he really feels about any of them. After they spill their feelings he just kisses them. Maybe he thinks this will keep him from leading them on, but that is simply not the case. Perhaps he knows how DeAnna felt when she was faced with this decision now.

As he is in the dramatic area making his decision on who to breakup with, they give him video pleas the women made for him. This is new, and also weird. Make it harder on the guy geesh!

He comes out and says that he is falling for all of them, but he must break one of their hearts.

Well, he doesn’t lie about that. He broke Jill’s heart when she did not get the rose. He walked her out and talked to her to comfort her, but I think it really just hurt her more. The whole “we’re better friends” speech sucked. It really was watching a bad breakup. Jason even cried after she left. Oh the drama!

In 2 weeks it is the season finale which they claim is the “most dramatic finale in Bachelor history.” Molly and Melissa get to meet his family and his son. Then in the preview they show DeAnna coming back to talk to him! She says, “You haven’t proposed yet, you still have a chance… that’s why I came here.” Then they show him sobbing and leaning out on the balcony. This has got to be good!

The reunion/after show thing is supposed to be very dramatic and so intense for those involved only a few come back. WTF happened?!??!!? I can’t wait to see (and then blog about it). I’m still pulling for DeAnna.

Do any of you watch The Bachelor? What are your thoughts on this season?


BIBI said...

It is always entertaining to read your commentary on the shows I am not watching.You do such a wonderful job that I feel compelled to even watch it. Love your blog Sheri!

Liz said...

Thanks to another blog I watched this show last week then again last night. I am already highly addicted to The Amazing Race & The Biggest Loser. I really didn't need a third addiction. So, I really have no clue what is going on. I am hoping to catch it in it's entirity next season. But I will finish this season off completely clueless.

insomniaclolita said...

LOL I watch a couple of episodes, I admit. Sometimes I wonder why the girls are so crazy. Is it scripted or what?