July 19, 2010

Vampire Angel by Reussie Miliardario

Vampire Angel by Reussie Miliardario is a story about a girl who seems to have the most perfect (plastic) life ever – and her name is even Barbey. She loves to dance, act and model. She even drives a pink jeep. This is one unique story about vampires, angels, and of course a girl who gets involved in both worlds.

Book Description
Vampire Angel is Andy Warhol with "bite". Enter a world of pure pleasure. In this dark satire, sixteen-year-old Barbey Bardot is as beautiful and air-headed as a Barbie Doll and has a boyfriend as wild and enigmatic as James Dean with a halo. Barbey's seemingly idyllic life as an actress, dancer, and model appears as mesmerizing as a fairy tale and becomes even more tantalizing as she joins her boyfriend in his alluring world of utter indulgence and revelry. But just when Barbey thinks she has reached the heights of bliss, she gets bitten by a vampire, opening her eyes to a whole new reality and illusory perspective. Suddenly, she is propelled into a quest for truth in a magical realm of fallen angels and vampires that is even more enchanting and shocking than the previous reality. BREATHTAKINGLY MAGICAL AND INTENSELY SEDUCTIVE, VAMPIRE ANGEL WILL LIGHT UP YOUR MIND WITH INFINITE BLISS. – Vampire Angel

My Thoughts
Vampire books are quite popular right now, and you know that I love them. I hope they never go away, not that they really ever have.

Vampire Angel is written more like satirical teen humor which is a fun read for laughs. The character dialogue was mixed with rather large generational gaps that tried melding together, but didn’t really work too well – not to say that it wasn’t funny to read though.

Barbey Bardot, the main character wasn’t really very likeable. She was the epitome of a clueless, blonde, pastic Barbie doll stereotype. Think Cher in Clueless meets an even more annoying Bella Swan that meets Paris Hilton, mix, shake – and that is Barbey Bardot.

Rave, Barbey’s mysterious boyfriend treats her awfully, and she pretty much just takes it. He however does hold a mysterious connection to her and uses her – for more than you may originally think.

The whole vampire and angel thing was an interesting concept and made for a good story. Unfortunately, it took way too long to actually get to the good storyline which really only made for the last 60 pages or so. Perhaps if it had started around then, it would have been a bit more intriguing and less clueless.

Overall, it is a story that if you like vampires and angels you’d probably enjoy to some level. Just be prepared to read through the satirical clueless teen humor included.

* Disclaimer: This book was sent to me as a review copy. All opinions expressed are my own.


TeeTee said...

this book sounds so good!

Anonymous said...

hmm, it sounds good..maybe i'll get a try.