July 21, 2010

Weekly Lovelist: New Layout, Art, Celebs

New Layout!

As I brought up before, I paid for a commission done through Deviant Art for the geisha girl you see above. This fabulous artist that created it can be found at: http://www.ooangeliusoo.deviantart.com/ and offers great art for really affordable prices.

I turned the picture with the girl into the header I have now and adjusted the blogger template and such to go with it. I’ll try to add in some more things to go with it soon. I’m just happy it is how it is right now. I will be tweaking it and adding things soon though.

Finding My Inner Artist (Again)
While reviewing The Artist Within, I’ve started to bring out my inner artist again, which is fun and rejuvenating. I can’t wait to share this review with you (probably this week) and also share with you one of my paintings!

Hot Vamps Off-Screen
My two favorite vampires have been spotted recently looking hotter than ever…

Robert Pattinson

Seriously this could be an ad for so many things. How does he look so good just relaxing and smoking? I don’t smoke and don’t want to date someone who does again, but wow, I so would say goodbye to that theory with Rob!

Alexander Skarsgard

I’ve seen him look hotter, this is a paparazzi shot after all. I think it is cute that Alexander Skarsgard’s girlfriend is Kate Bosworth. Maybe he gets her to eat. I did read that he took her home to meet the family and friends, so looks like it is pretty serious!

I hope everyone else has a great week too and can find some things to add to their weekly lovelists. :)


I just joined the Giveaway Scout website where you can search through and find so many blogs that host giveaways it is crazy! Seriously, if you like entering giveaways, check this place out!


Kristina P. said...

I love the new header!

T said...

scrolling down I honestly thought "man, he looks SO much better here than in the movie..." and then the cigarette. sorry, total turn off. here's to hoping that Taylor Lautner doesn't smoke so that I can still be the creepy older lady looking at kids that I could have given birth to :)

Lover of Romance said...

I love your header!!!! So jealous!! LOL I need to get myself a good one, sometime SOON!!! I also loved the pic of Rob Pattenson!!! Very good one of him, but the cigarette, totally hated that!!! If that was out of the picture it would be perfect!!!

TeeTee said...

i love your new layout!

Leetid said...

Loving the new look!

learnxtoxfly said...

love the new layout!!

Jamie said...

Great new layout!

Liz said...

Your new header is so cute!

Wendyburd1 said...

I LOVEEEE the new header!! It is so cute and so you!! And Rob looks HOT!