July 1, 2010

Weekly Lovelist

I’m really enjoying putting together this list, and it seems all of you like to read it too, so I will continue with it from now on, when I can. I hope you enjoy this week’s list.

Bird Necklace
This is a simple necklace I put together that I’m loving for the summer. Very cute and goes with many things!

Blueberry Rice Crispie Treats
While eating a bowl of rice crispies for breakfast has become the norm for me (gluten-free and all), I hadn’t had any of these gooey snacks for a long time. The idea came to me this weekend, and then my Mom picked fresh blueberries from a local farm for us – and I thought, wow, those would be good with rice crispies! Or would they? Sometimes you just never know until you try something.

This is what they looked like. I didn’t get a great shot, any suggestions on food shots? They looked and tasted much better in person. They were really great, and the blueberries was a really great idea on my part. Almost like a grown-up spin to a favorite kid classic.

True Blood
Season 3 of True Blood is getting better with each episode. They are straying off the path of the books, which isn’t anything new. I really don’t mind it at all though. It is like a new story with the same characters (pretty much) while still being basically outlined by the book’s stories.

Eric is getting much more face time on the show, so I am happy as can be. Plus, from the preview for the next episode it looks like he and Sookie will be getting together for real (or at least we can hope).

Tara is with a vampire, and she of course invites him inside Sookie’s house. What is with her and wanting to ruin Sookie’s house? Seriously, she is a terrible friend in a lot of ways to her.

Jason wants to be a cop? I didn’t really see that coming. Eric gave Lafayette a really expensive car. I sure hope he at least replaces Sookie’s bloodstained rug from the werewolf he killed in her house. Maybe he’ll buy her a new car or something too. That’d be nice.

Yes, I did see the Snoop Dog video for Sookie Stackhouse. It played after last week’s episode. Too funny. Thanks Melanie for mentioning it. If anyone missed it, check it out:

Having it rain often this week was quite nice. I enjoy the rain, and while I don’t enjoy lightning hitting us or possible tornadoes, I love the sound of rain. Hmm. Maybe I should try finding some CDs of rain or thunderstorms. Any suggestions?

So You Think You Can Dance
So You Think You Can Dance is back on, and this season is really good. Even though I can’t stand a couple of the dancers, like Adechike (he is so NOT Ade) and Jose (Legacy was SO MUCH better), I like quite a few, like Alex and Billy.

Check out this video of Twitch and Alex. It is my favorite so far! This guy is a ballet dancer, and he did this! It was insane! One of the best performances on SYTYCD history (in my opinion).

* I Hope the video stays up, if not search for So You Think You Can Dance Twitch and Alex on You Tube. I wish So You Think You Can Dance had their seasons on DVD because when they take them off You Tube we have no way of watching these amazing performances. Nigel Lithgoe, are you listening?


Kristina P. said...

Your necklace is beautiful.

And I actually got chills, last night, watching Alex's performance. I think he sort of outshined Twitch!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Love the necklace...TB is getting GOOD! I like the new Alcide character.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful necklace.

Wendyburd1 said...

First of all,THANK YOU for my package! It MADE my day! I LOVE the 4 leaf clover bracelet especially! I put it on as soon as I saw it and wore it out as I ran errands, it is just too perfect!! It was all perfect and just such a wonderful birthday surprise! Especially when no one at the Eclipse party, people there who have known me for almost my entire life, didn't even wish me an early birthday even though they knew they wouldn't see me! So this just made me SO SMILE!!! (HUGS)

And okay I love that you watch SYTYCD!! I haven't watched the results show yet so bear with me. I can't stand Jose or Adecheke or most of all, MELINDA! I was so furious they sent home Alexi and Christina and kept that horrid tap dancer, she looks like she is tapping when she dances! And I was SO pissed when ROBERT was in the bottom 3 last week, it should have been Adecheke or Jose!!

I ♥ Kent, Robert, Alex, Lauren and Ashley. Billy is good but he SO cannot be gangsta, he should have been bottom 3 after that performance. I like that we get to see our faves but that they have to float off, it is also like...errr, maybe you should have given us a top 20, because teasing me with my beloved Mark and Twitch is just cruel!

Anonymous said...

Your necklace is so cute! And those Rice Krispy treats look yummy!