June 28, 2010

Casino Wiki

Did you know that there is a casino wiki? There seems to be a wiki or wikia for everything these days. I was searching for some information about casinos for that upcoming (okay, more like in a year or two) Las Vegas trip I’m planning and I found Online Casino Pedia. It is pretty interesting.

Online gambling isn’t really my thing, but there are many different online casinos available for those who want to learn to play casino games that way. In my opinion, I think they would be quite different odds wise when playing in person. It seems too easy for the computerized versions to be setup against you – not saying that the regular casinos don’t do that too, I know they do.

To get really ready for the real casinos though, I need to learn how to beat blackjack. I’ve watched the movies 21 and Casino (and various other movies based on casinos and Las Vegas), so I know I really shouldn’t learn to count cards because I like keeping my hands and not being beaten up. Honestly though, I don’t think I’d be very good at counting cards anyways. I did find this video on You Tube though which could possibly help if I decide to go that route: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHxJ_Mf9dOI

I like blackjack. It is a game I’m pretty good at without counting cards. Learning to do this, just a little even might come in handy. What do you think? Do you have any favorite casino or card games? Any special tricks I should know to win big money?

My trip is still up in the air as to when I’ll be going, for how long, and who with exactly. That doesn’t mean I’m not planning anything though. I’ve called hotels and requested stuff from websites, and I’ve been scouring bookstores for books on Las Vegas, etc. I think planning is half the fun anyways. After spending this much time thinking about going and planning for it, the climax of actually going better be with it (I know it will).


Joy Agustin said...

Online Casinos are a great new technology yet discovered by the human mind. This allows casino lovers to play at the comfort of their homes even without going to Las Vegas or Macau.

However, I still believe that there is nothing like playing and be at the casino physically. I bet the feeling is more realistic and exciting.

Anonymous said...

With regards to what's is better between physical and online casinos; well, for me, they have different sense for different needs and preferences of players. Its actually depend on the players since the two have their own unique experience.

online casino said...

Well every-time that I have question and things that I don't understand even terminologies I go directly to wiki knowing they have every information and the most relevant to give with us, well rather concerning or relying to other blog I prefer to read it on wiki.