January 19, 2009

2009 Vision Board

In one of my previous posts, I explained how I was making a vision board for the New Year. I have had it semi-made for about a week now, just never got around to taking a picture of it and posting it here for you all to see.

I used a white poster board from Wal Mart and I typed up my goals for the year in the Twilight font (in case you were wondering why it looked familiar). I spent a few hours going through old magazines and cut out some words that were relevant to what I want and found a few pictures to add as well. There are some on the bottom that you can’t see in the picture, like a really cool Dior high heel. I still need to add quite a bit to the board, but there aren’t any rules to this and I can add to it as I find things.

Writing is my number one goal. I have been blogging everyday pretty much. I really enjoy it and I love this whole Blog-o-sphere of friends I have met doing so. However, I really want to write a book this year. I’ve actually started one too. Well, I have written up the character profiles for the two main characters and started the chapter outline. It is a really good start though, or I think so anyways. I hope to finish that outline today and start writing it tonight or tomorrow. I’m excited! I haven’t written much fiction since high school. I used to write poetry and prose all the time. I was even my high school’s literary/art magazine editor my senior year. After I started college though, I guess I just didn’t find the time to write anymore and stopped. Well, this year that is changing!

Another very important goal for me right now is to get a job I like. I need money, badly.

Reading everyday is also another goal because it is something I really enjoy doing as well. I want to read more books this year, read my magazines as I get them instead of letting them pile up on my ottoman, and read all of your lovely Blogs as well!

Art is another thing I used to do all the time and just stopped. I did actually start painting in college. I didn’t take classes or anything; I just wanted real artwork on the walls and figured “Hey, I could do that.” So, I did. I want to start painting again. I also want to take more pictures and draw again.

Losing weight is a very common goal for people, and it is one of mine too. I am using Spark People to reach my goals. It is a FREE online weight loss community. I’ll make a whole big post about this soon. It rocks, really!

I’ve always been pretty organized. However, after moving back to my parent’s after having a whole apartment to myself makes one bedroom very crammed. I do have a storage unit, but who wants to put everything in there? Not me!

The “Embrace Me” goal is more of just learning to love myself how I am. I don’t want to say “I’m such a dork” or “I’m not ____ enough” anymore. I am ____ enough and I do deserve it!


Jillene said...

Sheri, it looks GREAT!! I am so glad that you shared it with all of us!!

Nickie. said...

Awesome! Love it! Hope you can stick to those goals. I know I'd probably be alot better off seeing them everyday. Good luck...and yes blog more! I love reading your blogs. =)

insomniaclolita said...

good luck for the goals dear, and what a pretty looking motivation board. I wish i was as creative as you :)

Jenny Beans said...

Sheri, I didn't make a new vision board this year myself, but I still have one I created two years ago hanging in my office. I look over it all the time and feel grateful for the things I've achieved and happy that I am still working on the others that are still in progress. I think the "Embrace Me" idea is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your goals!

Lee said...

I need to do something like that for myeslf. Definitely.
And I love the Twilight font. I downloaded it for myself and used it to write my christmas wishlist. : D

I need to learn how to embrace myself. I'm always more concerned with other people.

Sheri said...

Thanks for the compliments and cheers! :) I really hope I can get these things done this year!

Jest said...

I've thought about trying to write a book too. I'm the same as you. I really love to write. Blogging has been a wonderful thing to do.
The Vision Board is great. Very creative! I'm impressed (and loved the shout-out to Twilight!)