January 2, 2009


I have decided to take off (at least for now) my Library Thing widget and replace it with the Shelfari one. I think the Shelfari one looks better, and it displays the books better in my opinion. It doesn’t display as many at once, and it is inside an even shelf.

I spent about an hour putting books on my new shelf. I still need to go in and rate them and edit the widget some for my Blog. For now though, it is fine as it is. Oh, I also still need to add books I have in storage to it. I’ve been meaning to go down there and grab my books but just haven’t had time to do so lately.

Shelfari also has groups. I joined a few. One for Twilight in general and one for women 25+. Ha! I fit into the “mom” category even though I’m not a mom. Ah, least I’m not the only one 25+ in love with the series! I also joined a few other groups. It offers discussions too, which I like.

Overall, I am liking Shelfari quite a bit more. Do you like the Shelfari widget or the Library Thing one more?


Lee said...

Huh, I should use that.
But right now I'm lazy and working on my graphics blog thing.
Which you should look at.
*cough cough shameless plug cough*

Brenda Susan said...

Hey Sheri, I wanted to let you know that I finally accepted the HONEST SCRAP award that you sent me a while ago. Thanks, it inspired me to remain as honest as I can be. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about the book widgets. I'd like to have one that lists all of the books that I read for 2009. I am curious as to how many I read in one year. I hope you enjoy Shelfari.

LoveOfBooks said...

I just alternate between Shelfari, GoodReads and LibraryThing for my widgets. I like them all

BIBI said...

I love shelfari myself, because I love reading. Just had to have it, and I love it.