January 30, 2009

25 Things About Me

Andhari tagged me with this “25 Things About Me” post. You may know some of these things about me already, or not. Either way I hope you enjoy learning more about me.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. Then tag 25 people, including the person who tagged you.

1. My favorite theme park is Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure. I used to have season passes to there and Universal Studios. It was a package deal that included free parking. Fun stuff!

2. I wanted to be an actress when I was a kid. I still do but I could never be in theater. I get too nervous in front of that many people and on stage… no thanks!

3. I’m a writer. I just have been out of practice with fiction since high school. Getting back into that is fun but not easy.

4. Music is usually on when I am at the PC. I have iTunes open almost always.

5. I have no problem listening to the same song many times. Right now I have Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance,” Britney Spears “Circus” and “Womanizer,” The Pussycat Dolls “When I Grow Up,” Pink’s “So What,” Nickelback’s “Gotta Be Somebody” and of course the entire Twilight CD playing mostly.

6. I also enjoy listening to my 2,000 songs on my iPod on random. It almost makes it feel like I’m listening to a really good radio station.

7. Generally, I never feel like I am enough for whatever it is. I’m working on this character flaw.

8. I really wish I had a big cherry blossom tree. Like the kind in Japan. Or perhaps just lived in a city that had them. That would be nice.

9. I’ve studied a lot about geishas. I went through this whole geisha phase. I still really like them though. Japan is awesome.

10. Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in a certain area? I do. I’ve never really felt like I belong where I’ve ever lived. It is weird.

11. I never felt the need to have a ton of friends. I’d rather have ones that are real friends.

12. I never thought I’d like a book series more than Harry Potter, but I do – can you guess what it is? Yup! Twilight!

13. I’m very much Team Edward. Even if Robert Pattinson didn’t play Edward, I’d still be Team Edward. The fact that he does play Edward is just a bonus. He is so much hotter than when he was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter! Mmmm.

14. I love celebrity gossip. I always have. My favorite websites to hit up for this fix is TMZ and Perez Hilton.

15. In jr. high and high school I was totally obsessed with Gavin Rossdale. I saw Bush in concert two times. The second time I made it up to the very front middle. I got really good pictures too. The best part? Gavin touched me! It totally made my year.

16. Gavin even topped me getting a hug from Nick Hexum (lead singer of 311) the month just before the Bush concert. He is really hot too by the way.

17. I absolutely love guys with British accents. Probably why I like Gavin Rossdale and Robert Pattinson so much.

18. My favorite HBO shows were Sex and the City and Sopranos. I have every season of both on DVD. Love it!

19. I’ve been interested in the paranormal or supernatural, whatever you want to call it since I was a little kid.

20. I really hate writer’s block. Usually when I really start complaining about it though I get 20 ideas at once and don’t know where to start and then I forget almost all of them. Bit of a dilemma there huh?

21. I really believe everyone is a little messed up. I also believe everyone’s family is a lot crazier than they ever admit.

22. Amazon.com is my favorite place to do online shopping. Why? Free shipping if over $25 and no tax!

23. I’ve had quite a few dreams of Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen. Maybe because I’ve seen the movie quite a few times and I’ve read all the books 2 times now. I’m not complaining though!

24. I save good fortunes from fortune cookies. I have 2 taped on my desk right now. “The project you have in mind will soon gain momentum.” “Fame and fortune are coming your way.” I hope so!

25. I really appreciate every person who follows this blog and who makes comments. You guys are all so amazing and really help push me to keep blogging. Thank you so much!

25 People I Am Tagging:
Wow, 25 people to tag. I’ve never tagged this many people before. If I did not tag you, go ahead and consider yourself tagged just for reading this post. :)

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Jenni said...

I'll get this up next Wednesday

insomniaclolita said...

Thanks for doing this, Sheri..I love them. The fact that we're so into Rob Pattinson really connect us huh? hahaha im loving his accent too, and im most definitely a part of team edward :P

Cat said...

AH! You're, like, the millionth person to tag me in the last two weeks with this thing! I haven't done it yet, but I will. I will.

Cat said...

Oh, also - I love the British accents (any kind of accent, really) on men. SO SEXY.

Sheri said...

No problem, no expiration on tags. :)

LOL Andhari that is so true! Accents on guys is definitely hot!

Femme Star said...

Whoo Hoo i'm taged! Thanks Sheri!

BIBI said...

Thanks Sheri for the tag! I still want to do the 'Desk Tag'. But I've been to lazy and embarrassed about my desk to post the pic. But you'll see both tags posted next week for sure.

Thanks again. You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag! I'm going to save this for a rainy day...but I'll do it soon!

Brenda Susan said...

Ha! This is so funny Sheri because I just finished posting a "25 Random Things About me" post BEFORE I read your comment that you tagged me! Got the idea from my facebook tagging. Guess i'd better go add some tags to it!

Anonymous said...

I actually did this last week and it was fun. I was surprised at how hard it is to think of that many things about yourself. I may try to come up with 25 more things. I loved getting to know you better. Thanks for the tag!

Jenny Beans said...

Ooh, I just did this on Facebook. I will paste mine over this afternoon. I've been a horrible blog friend this week! All I've been doing is writing, writing, writing. Hopefully this week I pay a little more attention to my blog!

Ooh, and I save good fortunes from fortune cookies too. I have two on my desk.

Ashlee K. said...

You didn't tag me! JK I don't have a Blog - yet! Those were interesting things about you. I think you have a shot at acting but you are way too shy IRL for theater that is so true! Stick to TV/Film if you ever try it.

Teri said...

I still haven't done the DESK one yet!

So I'll give you one....check out my 20 things to look forward to, and you do one too!

Teri said...


Teri said...

OMG FINE Ok I did it....

Paula said...

Thanks for tagging me, Sheri! I posted my answers tonight. Hope you enjoy :)


Lesley Miller said...

To your points 8 and 9: I love Japan too! I went when I was in junior high and it was amazing. In February the almond blossome trees bloom in Sacramento and they remind me of Japan-- pink and beautiful!

...love Maegan said...

Thanks for tagging! ...my apologies for taking so long to acknowledge it!