January 16, 2009

Baby, Its Cold Outside

The arctic air that is chilling the good ole’ USA (well, most parts) is even reaching down to us here in Alabama. It is about 22 degrees F right now. Last night it was supposed to go down to 0 or 10 degrees. Crazy! It is never this cold here.

I’m not complaining though, I love it! We do have a heater upstairs and downstairs, and a fireplace. So, it isn’t like we’re suffering in the cold outside with the wind chill or anything. If we were, I’m sure I’d hate it too. If only we had snow… then I’d be even happier. Ah, maybe we will get a miracle and it will snow.

Here are some amazing pictures that were e-mailed to me over a year ago that were taken in Switzerland (or so they said). I think they're cool though, so enjoy!


Bobby G said...

NOW thats an Icestorm! For a brief second i thought those were Alabama! lol I was like DAMN how have I NOT heard about that! lol

Sheri said...

LOL! Yeah, that would make world news if that happened in Alabama. HEHEHHEE

Lee said...

Man those pictures are AWESOME.
I can't believe that ice can form that way.
I mean, I've seen icicles.
But that's like... wow. Jesus.
And I feel bad for the unlucky sap that's nice little car was covered in ice.
That must've been fun to clean up.

Nickie. said...

WOw, thats a crazy ice storm! Well, now you can use the fireplace!! Hopefully it'll snow for you, I know you really want it too. If I could, I'd bring the snow to you. =)

insomniaclolita said...

i want it..boohooo living in the tropic isnt always fun..i want to roll on the snow so much its not even funny :(

Anonymous said...


We are freezing up here in NC too. It got down to 8 last night. It's 21 right now and they are calling for 8 again tonight. I was in tears when I saw my little outdoor kitty. He was shivering so bad. But he doesn't let me rub him much less pick him up and make him warm. I sat a little cat carrier outside with towels in it but he refuses to get in it. I guess he knows what he is doing. I'll be glad when our normal temps are back.

Those pics are really awesome!

Sheri said...

Yeah, those pictures are so incredible. I thought I'd share them with everyone. :)

Nickie, thanks for the snow lol hopefully we'll get just a little.

insomniaclolita, I lived most of my life in Florida so I know all about life in the tropics. :) I miss it, not the hurricanes so much though. I really wish it would snow so I could roll around in it and build snowmen and have snowball fights with my nephews! lol

Liz, that sucks that the lil kitty won't get in there to be warm. Maybe he has found a warmer spot outside somewhere. I hope he will be okay with the cold weather! I love animals too. :)

Jillene said...

WOW--those are some great pictures. And wow it is cold where you are. I am no longer going to complain about 36 degrees!!

Paula said...

Gorgeous photos! They remind me a little of an art display at SFMOMA where they literally created a frozen car. It looked like the pic you have, albeit a little more batman like. But cool! (no pun intended)

I guess I shouldn't mention its been 60-70 degrees all week in SF.

Karie said...

Wow those are awesome. You're from Bama? I'm moving there in a couple weeks! I'm excited. :)