March 2, 2009

The Bachelor – Season Finale

The Bachelor’s season finale was tonight. I of course watched it. I’ve seen every episode this season and have even blogged about it a few times. So, here is my review of the show and after show.

Jason is now up to the part where he is introducing his son Ty to Melissa and Molly. That is a big step for a parent to do.

Jason’s date with Melissa was shown first and they went golfing with Ty. They’re still in New Zealand and it is absolutely beautiful. I’m not a golfer, but I’d golf there. It looked like they had a good time and Ty liked Melissa even. Jason brought a little lamb for Ty to play with and he wanted to name it “Sheep” it was too cute. Then she got to meet his family. They even seemed to like her too.

Jason then had his date with Molly meeting Ty and the family. Molly was really nervous to meet Ty because she apparently isn’t around kids much. Hmm. Interesting factor there Jason! You have a kid… Speaking of, Ty wasn’t too interested in Molly at all at first. Eventually he played with her too. I think he liked Melissa more though. Jason’s family grilled her too. Her eyes went huge and bug-eyed a lot during this part of the show. The family really thinks that she loves Jason, so they like her more than Melissa. Dun dun dun.

Jason sits with his Mom and has a heart-to-heart with her about the women he has chosen. He is really torn between the two and doesn’t know who to pick. They both love him, but he hasn’t said those words to either of them. He does admit to the cameras though that he is falling for them both.

Melissa then had another date with Jason and they were on a yacht around New Zealand in the rain. They jumped into the freezing water too. I wouldn’t have done that. Not because of the cold water, but because of my fear of sharks. Jason couldn’t save you from Jaws Melissa! Melissa’s parents also finally agreed to talk to Melissa’s parents (remember, he didn’t meet them on the hometown date). Melissa confessed her love to him (again) and he just kisses her. Ugh! Quit playing games with these girls Jason.

Molly then got her date with Jason and who knows what Jason had planned for them because Molly derailed the date back to her place for a hot oil massage with her giving the massage in a bikini. Can we say desperate? I really hope Jason doesn’t pick her. She made him a “fairytale love book.” It was very cute and sappy. But will he pick her?

Then DeAnna shows up at Jason’s rented house! She is my pick. I’ve wanted her to be with Jason since the beginning. FYI for those that don’t remember she is the last “Bachelorette” from last season. DeAnna didn’t pick him, and she should have and she knows it now since it didn’t work out with Jesse. So, she confesses to Jason that he still has a chance with her. However, he seems to not want her, and she leaves but gives him some words of wisdom from her experience in having to decide who to be with.

Between Melissa and Molly, I like Melissa for him more. She seems like a more genuine fit for him, but who knows? I still like DeAnna more. LoL.

Jason picked out the ring and he got to look through such beautiful (and really expensive) rings. The one he picked out was amazing! Whoever he picks is one lucky lady.

Speaking of the ladies, he still isn’t sure who he is going to pick, or so he says through the editing of the show right now. Too bad he isn’t a polygamist - then he wouldn’t have to send any of them home and they could live a real life Big Love show. HBO would totally pick up that reality show! Hey, maybe that was the big twist they said was the most dramatic ending ever.

The final rose….

Who will it go to?

Molly comes out first and Jason doesn’t look like he is going to propose to her (based on his facial expressions anyways). He says that she is an amazing and stunning person, and doesn’t know how he can let her go, but he has to. Ha! I saw that one coming. She is of course devastated (with good reason).

Jason cries a lot after she leaves, and leans over the balcony contemplating love perhaps. Molly talks in the limo and is shocked and crying and shocked. Aren’t they always? Get yourself together Jason because now you have to propose to Melissa or break her heart too and pick DeAnna!

Melissa then comes out and he looks much happier and like he will actually propose to her, and he does! Finally he says he loves her and proposes. She of course says yes! Then he gives her the final rose. So sweet. I wonder if they keep all those roses and display them somewhere in their house once the get married (if they actually get married).

I don’t get how it was the most dramatic ending to The Bachelor ever though…

Next aired the “After The Final Rose.” Tonight there was no audience for it though. So what happened to make it so emotional to limit the people there? The suspense!

Jason comes out with the host and I get the feeling he is no longer with Melissa. He cries and explains that “things have been different” and they “aren’t right for each other.” Then he says he can’t stop thinking about Molly. Ugh! Then he explains he is ending things with Melissa tonight (or well the night they taped this). So, he never broke it off with her before this show taped? What the hell Jason?!? That is so wrong on so many levels. Then he says he wants to ask Molly back into his life.

Jason is so not my favorite Bachelor anymore. WTF. “Most dramatic” after show because he is the biggest ass. I almost don’t want to watch this any further and attempted to turn off the TV. I didn’t though. Damn the show and my needing to know what happens!

Melissa then comes out on stage and she doesn’t look happy at all. I wouldn’t either! Jason is a prick. He does in fact break up with her on stage. She lashes out at him and he gives the “it’s not you, it’s me” shit. Then he says to her that he has feelings for Molly still. Seriously, I’d punch him in the face and tell him to stop spewing more lies at me.

She walks away from him and says not to call or text her anymore. Good for you Melissa!

Molly comes out and talks to the host. They of course show the sappy moments she and Jason shared (to make her cry of course). Producers love tears! She admits she has some feelings for him still. She doesn’t say she still loves him though, but she does say that she wants him to take her back but would have questions to ask first. Hmm.

Then Jason comes back on the stage (if an audience was there they’d probably boo at him). She grills him about why he didn’t pick her, and he is rather tongue-tied. He then explains that he just broke up with Melissa. She looks shocked. Then he says that he is still thinking about her and loves her. She still looks shocked. Then he asks if she’d go out for coffee or drinks with him. She doesn’t look like she knows what to say or do about this new turn of events. Really, I wouldn’t either.

Molly says she is very confused and they still have a lot to talk about and she still has those feelings for him too and they can “see where things go.” Tomorrow night is the 2nd part of this after show, and I really don’t even care to watch it.

I don’t think they’ll really get married and I don’t honestly care what he does. I’m also unsure if I even want to watch the next season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Jason you ruined it for me!


Anonymous said...

Amen sister! No more bachelor for me.

arki said...

"Seriously, I’d punch him in the face and tell him to stop spewing more lies at me."

Good for you. This was what Melissa should have done, it is what was called for, what should have happened.

AFTER, that is, she told him ***straight up*** right to his rat-like face that he is not a man but is a damaged little boychild bcuz a man would stand up and SAY to ***her*** face what is "really" going on rather than, as he did, skirting about the issue of what EXACTLY led to his "change of heart"

She even ASKED HIM DIRECTLY to tell her and he replied in generalities. This mess "Jason" disrespected her by doing that.

She should have slapped his candy ass down on the spot. The moment he hemmed and hawed about why.

SMACK. Right down. NO WORDS.

Just put him DOWN!!!!

By the way, I (for reasons explained shortly) needed to find recap of what had happened just prior to the After The Final Rose show (as that was being broadcast). I googled found 3 inadequate wirteups but yours was *beyond* good so good work. Those other bloggers are lame. :( but you are good.

I didn't see other episodes of this thing, just part of one other (where they bungee jumped and Molly had a humorously long list of questions for this guy).

I wound up here after Googling cuz I landed about 12 minutes into the "After the final rose" show and felt, if I was going to watch it (and I was bcuz there was nothing else on), that I should get some idea of what the Drama was bout.

I feel compelled to say now that this show and this guy are such totally transparent *fraud*, not even close to well acted or well scripted. The producers should be hugely embarrassed, ashamed.

Was it really hard to see something like *this* ending coming?!? LOL. DRAMA? A twist at the end!!! What a surprise!!!


"Most shocking turn of events in Bachelor history" is what ABC's tagline is about it now. Moronic. Just....braindead. This show may be, to this point, the best illustration of the fact that we are largely a nation of idiots. 2nd to that tolerating Dick Cheney as president for 8 years thing, of course.

How many times must fake "drama" be displayed in these so called reality shows before its enough?

Every. single. show. has some "crazy" crap happening at the end (or harmony between the warring coming out of nowhere.....last moment perfect ending i.e Wife Swap and The Nanny where war takes place for 57 minutes then all is suddenly & miraculously "well").


Seriously, boycott these ridiculous shows, TOTALLY BOYCOTT THE NEXT BACHELOR BCUZ ITS STUPID.....boycott, for your good and all of our good, these shows are an insult to the intelligence of even the most dreadfully dull.

Were this latest Bachelor fiasco not so *pathetic*, it could actually have been humorous....that people would be expected to *believe* this to be "real"....that anyone could be so out of touch that they would put this out as "reality" when it is so obviously orchestrated for dramatic effect, something it did not acheive.

Its like the producers of these shows aren't even really trying to put out something interesting which, they may not be since if a show has any "sex drama" (i.e. nakedness, sex itself, sexual tension and/or anything else to do with sex) in it at all, it'll get watched.

If you believe this guy was genuine, you're gullible.

I don't think Molly was fake, I think she is just gullible too.

The message on this dude Jason's e-Harmony page once read something to the effect of how he was an "Emotional mess" and looking for a woman to help him "until I get tired of you".

That last part an exact quote. "Until I get tired of you".

Now, come on. What female in their right mind would give a guy capable of *this* sentiment......even the time of day?!?

Maybe Molly was "in on" this charade and will not really have to spend time with this guy.

If she does, he will hurt her.

Its what he does.

The universe bites people like him back though......

not as immediately as I'd prefer.

Anonymous said...

I only watched two episodes of this show. My feelings are kind of mixed about it. I don't know if I'll try to watch next season or not.

insomniaclolita said...

wtfffff!!!!!id hate it too, id hunt him if i was there!!!

Jillene said...

I stopped watching the Bachelor years ago. It never works out--except Trista and Ryan. I am SO over it!!

Sheri said...

I am over the bachelor. I am not watching the show at all anymore. Even if the commercials claim it is sooo good and the bachelor is hot... I am not watching it. I'm D-O-N-E!

The Garver Family said...

This cracks me up. I watched one of the Bachelor's years ago, but that was it. It's too bizarre a thing for me to sit through. After reading your sounds like it's only gotten worse.

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

Soooo... what happened on the Tues night episode?!

I boycotted it bc I think Molly is a 'tard for giving him a chance to reject her AGAIN. Molly!!! You're his SECOND choice. You deserve better than that.

Yes, Jason is soooooo much worst than Brad, and Brad was the one that rejected ALL the girls... hehe.