March 2, 2009

Paranormal Investigation - Sloss Furnace

Ready for a paranormal investigation post people? Well, here you go! I’ve been told I’m rather mysterious about the investigations I go on and such. That is because I have to be most of the time. Residential investigations I really cannot reveal much about due to confidentiality. Sorry! Last night’s investigation was at a place we had to pay to investigate at though. So, I feel comfortable sharing with you my experience from this past weekend.

We investigated Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, Alabama. It is only about an hour away from where I live. It is also one of the most haunted places in the Southeastern USA.

They even have a haunted house they setup there every Halloween called Sloss Fright Furnace. I haven’t been to that. I prefer actual ghost investigations over lame haunted houses. I punched a clown once at Universal Studios Horror Nights when I was 10 years old. I hate clowns.

Sloss has been featured on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel too. Click here to view their best moments from their investigation. I also added this clip from their show because well it gives a good enough of a view from it and I could add it from You Tube. If you want to see that whole show, you can find it on You Tube as well.

I would post things from the group I am in, but since we just investigated it this weekend there is no way we’d be able to review all of the evidence yet! Hopefully we got some good things on camera and in pictures and in EVPs.

The group was split into 4 smaller groups so we could each have a chance to investigate the “boiler room” “the tunnel” and “outside perimeter.”

The group I was in started with the outside area first. It was freezing cold, literally. It was also a misty rain/snow all night. Not the best of conditions to be outside. The outer part wasn’t very scary. Biggest thing that happened was me falling down and hurting my right toe, knees and butt. I saved the camera though! Good thing it was so cold my legs and feet felt like icicles because I didn’t start feeling the pain from that fall until we were almost ready to leave.

Our group made it back to the safety area before our time was up. We then went to the boiler room to investigate. I’d been to Sloss Furnace before for a daytime investigation with the group, and I went up on the catwalk then. I hated it. I hate ladders and heights like that and when I came down from the ladder the heavy metal gate slammed on my chest. So, I was in no way going back up there. Plus, there is a ghost that likes to try to lure people to a certain section that doesn’t have any flooring there anymore to get them to fall. Well, screw you ghost shadow person I’m not going up there! Two people from my group did go up there though and did an EVP and took some pictures. They had a personal experience up there though (I can’t get into that because it didn’t happen to me, sorry!). It is creepy in the boiler room, I will say that. You get the feeling like you are being watched and followed. However, I didn’t feel scared at all. I didn’t see anything either. Several people did though and some were even slapped. I really wanted to see something, but nada. We also went into the basement area in the boiler room. We did EVPs, took pics, etc. I still didn’t see anything. Grrr.

We went back and retreated to the bathroom/museum area for our turn at the safety area. It was nice and warm in there. We made trips to the bathroom often throughout the night to defrost.

Then we were going to go to the tunnel, but the tunnel was a flop pretty much because of the heavy rain the night before. The back part was flooded and the other area wasn’t a big area at all and smelled really gross.

So instead the leaders and those who wanted to go back into the boiler room went back in there. I went of course. The leader tried provoking it again to get something out of it. The ghost of “Slag” hates women, so I suggested she try to pull a Nick from the Ghost Adventures and tell him she was in charge now and he was fired. It was pretty funny. Me and the other female there were also telling the ghost how pathetic he was and how women would do a better job than he ever could. It was great. However, I still didn’t see anything. I felt something looking at us, but I didn’t see anything. Disappointing really. I would have liked to see something, or even be slapped. I wanted my money’s worth dammit!

That was pretty much it. We still need to review the evidence and such. People did have personal experiences there, I just didn’t. Maybe next time. It was a fun investigation though, even enduring the freezing cold.

I didn’t get home until 4AM. It took me at least an hour to fall asleep because I was still freezing. Even under many covers and the heater on it took me awhile to thaw out from the cold. I’m still tired. My Mom woke me up to tell me to look outside at some point yesterday morning because snow was on the ground, a little. I looked and immediately fell back to sleep.


Jillene said...

Sounds like fun!! My husband and son LOVE Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and any other show like that. They watch them together all of the time.

Nickie. said...

thanks so much for the awards below!!! =) you're such a sweetie. and thank you for your words of encouragement. right now im off my rocker, bc BP is withholding the rest of my stuff!!! and he wont IM me back. ive never been so made in my life. what is with this kid?

insomniaclolita said...

OH MY GOD. I love it, thanks for uploading the video for this. Awesome. I wanna come.

Sheri said...

You're welcome :) Glad you ladies enjoyed my recap of the investigation!

Nickie. said...

Sounds like you had tons of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I just visited the Sloss Furnaces today. I was able to walk through the site by myself. I did have a few things happen. I was walking down the stairs that go under the blower engine and there was a loud bang that came from under the engine. After getting the nerve up to go down the stairs again I couldn't find the source of the noise.

In the underground tunnel I was by the engine and there was a loud metallic thud right next to me. As I started back down the tunnel to the stairs it sounded like someone was following me but it stopped when I looked back.

I look forward to visiting again.